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Shilpa Shinde and Milind Soman’s Paurashpur is filled with love, rape and slaughter. See trailer

The trailer of the high-voltage period drama Paurashpur is out and we cannot miss the look of one and only rebellious queen Shilpa Shinde in the web series. The exotic drama looks promising as it touches upon serious issues as patriarchy and gender politics. Shilpa Shinde in Paurashpur plays Queen Meerawati, who challenges the male-dominated laws where women are objectified.


We cannot take our eyes of actor Milind Soman who plays the third gender Boris who questions the rules of the kingdom and is also the one who starts a revolution.

Set in 16th century India, the show is about the world of Paurashpur where actor Annu Kapoor’s character, Raja Bhadrapratap Singh, rules the misogynistic kingdom. The web-show also features Shaheer Sheikh. We will be seeing Annu Kapoor as a lusty and oppressive king.

The trailer shows Annu Kapoor playing the role of a king named Raja Bhadrapratap Singh while Shilpa Shinde plays the character of his queen named Rani Meerawati. He rules over an extremely misogynistic kingdom where women are objectified for desire and treated like a man’s property. The king keeps getting married to different women and when they fail to please him, he gets them killed. The trailer also gives a glimpse of how women are forbidden from making decisions regarding their own bodies. The women of Paurashpur have no freedom and aren’t allowed to deny any demand made by the men in the kingdom.

Meanwhile, the queen (Shilpa) challenges this male-dominated world and is seen planning and plotting to gain total control of the city. She refuses to be treated like a man’s property. Milind Soman as a master swordsman and Shaheer Sheikh as a merchant act as her pawns. Milind will be seen as a transgender in the web series, who questions the inequality of men and women in the kingdom.

The trailer has rape, gory mutilation imagery,, and abuse of women. It has opulent sets, blood-drenched swords,, and glaring gender inequality.

The trailer of the web series is described as, “The mystery of the missing queens. The lust of an oppressive king. The vengeance of a rebellious queen and the wrath of a realm pushed to the edge. Will an uprising be the beginning of the end of this mighty kingdom? Watch the trailer of the Paurashpur, an erotic period drama starring Shilpa Shinde, Annu Kapoor, Milind Soman, and Shaheer Sheikh. Premieres 29th December 2020.”