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Scream 5, Selena Gomez rumoured to be the opening stab of the film. 

Scream film series has been a hell of a journey for every 90’s kid! With the horrifying plot of a Ghostface stabbing you with one call. Sydney Prescott had her boyfriends to her family members trying to kill her. Who will be next? Maybe this time the film will save a few people from dying. Read to find out! 

Release Date: Scream 5

The film is releasing on 14th January 2022, teased on Instagram with the ghost face from previous sequels. The trailer might release in late 2021. 

Cast: Scream 5

Dylan Minnette will play a part in the film along with Mikey Madison and Mason Gooding. He is from the popular Netflix series named thirteen reasons why which recently ended with its last season. Mikey Madison is from One Upon a time in Hollywood film, and Mason Gooding is from Love, Victor. Dylan Minnette also posted an Instagram picture with Deadline’s article teasing his fans with his upcoming projects. The actor is not new to horror films as he was one of the main cast of Goosebumps film. 

Also, other casts like Jenna Ortega from YOU series, Marley Shelton aka Judy Hicks, Neve Campbell aka Sidney Prescott, Courteney Cox aka Gale Weathers-Riley, and David Arquette as Dewey Riley will join the screen. There are few rumours that Selena Gomez might be an additional cast of the film. She might be the opening stab of the film. Courtney Coz commented on Selena Gomez’s

Instagram Instagram picture saying “Can’t wait to meet you,” the original cast also followed Selena Gomez on Instagram. She deleted the comment soon after it went viral. 

Plot: Scream 5

Sydney moves back to her hometown, but there’s a serial killer out to kill her again. Will she survive this time? Gale will publish her new book of Stab 4, which will be adapted as a film. Selena Gomez might be the first stab in the movie to draw attention. The story might be different as it will be on screen after ten years! The filmmakers haven’t revealed the Ghostface but announced that Roger L. Jackson would be the voice for Ghostface. Fans anticipate that this time the director might save the people from dying in the upcoming film. Sydney might face the ignorance of people in her life as they get killed by the Ghostface. 

The new face like Jenna Ortega from another serial killer series named YOU will play a part in the film. She is the latest cast in “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” film of Netflix. The cast members also teased the fan with the Ghostface video by announcing its official launch. 


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