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Ravi Patel: Bollywood Does Not Want Me

After fame received from Scrubs, Master of None and the widely popular Meet The Patels, Ravi Patel is finally India-bound. The actor is all ready to make his debut in Indian showbiz with the Netflix series, Bhaag Beanie Bhaag.

Patel, who has doubled up as the creator, says he was thrilled to work with Swara Bhasker as it promised the opportunity of testing his limits and was a chance to try out something new. Patel went on to tell that Swara is “a badass woman and a talented actor.”

He also mentioned that the actress never went for a conflict or a controversy, but somehow she ended up being a part of some because she always used her platform to speak up. She was a voice for those who couldn’t. The artist also confessed that he was initially scared to work with Swara fearing controversies and gossips that might lead their way but after working with her, he was thoroughly impressed.

Patel’s upcoming documentary series, How to Tell a Joke in India

, is based on the events and his experiences in the country while shooting for the show. “When I headed to India to film Bhaag Beanie Bhaag, I thought, ‘Why not try stand-up while I’m there?’ So, the series follows me as I try to make it in the fastest-growing comedy scene in the world. I met some of the comedians and went to their favorite places in Bandra. I have come to deduce that the greatest offense is not being funny, which I often was.”

Ravi Patel has already struck the Indian series off his to-do list and seems like he isn’t sure about making to Bollywood. On being asked if he is seeking any part in Bollywood the actor replied, “Bollywood doesn’t want me. My parents would love it if I made my [Hindi film] debut; dad would probably post about it on Facebook every day. But, maybe I don’t want it.”