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Producer Anil Suri struggled his way to heaven due to corona virus

The veteran Bollywood producer Anil Suri took his way to heaven because of coronavirus. He was 77 years old. Rajiv Suri, Anil’s brother and film producer told that Anil suffered from fever on June 2 and then the health was continuously deteriorating after few hours.  He took his last breathe at 7 PM on Thursday.

The last rites of Anil Suri took place on next day, i.e., Friday morning in burial site of Oshiwara. Only 4 members of family were present at that time. Everybody was wearing a PPE kit while present there and performing the last rites.


Brother said that he was not feeling good on Wednesday

Rajiv blamed that on June 3, his brother was not able to breathe. They took him (Anil) to hospital but hospitals like Hinduja and Lilavati clearly said no for beds. After that he was admitted to municipality hospital on Wednesday night. He was infected with corona virus. On Thursday, doctor said that anything is not okay. And then he was taken to ventilator.

Losing brother and favourite director is heart breaking  

He produced films like Karmyogi and Rajtilak starring Rajkumar and Rekha. Rajiv suri produced MAnzil film of Basu Chaterjee in 1979.The lead role in this movie was played by Amitabh Bachchan and Moushumi Chaterjee. Co-incidentally, On Thursday morning, Basu Chaterjee took his way to heaven and on the same day, Rajiv’s brother took his last breathe. Rajiv in grief said that losing brother and favourite director on same day was really heart breaking experience.

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