Oscar Winner Sophia Loren is all set to appear as Madame Rosa in the emotional story “The Life Ahead Us”

The Life Ahead is a forthcoming film starring the Oscar winner Sophia Loren in the main lead. The film is directed by her son Edoardo Ponti based on the novel ‘The Life Before Us’ penned by a French author, Romain Gary, published in the 1970s. The son and the mother appeared on screen before for “Between Strangers” and “Human Voice.” In an interview, Loren stated that she read the novel and immediately contacted her son about the book. She said that the story is great and found a character that she could fit in perfectly. The film has elements of grit, honesty, and emotion. 

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The Life Ahead Trailer & Release Date

The official trailer of the film dropped on 21 October 2020. Have you watched the emotional trailer?? If not, you can watch it at the end of the article. The Life Ahead is all set to stream on Netflix exclusively starting from 13 November.

The Life Ahead Us Cast

  • Sophia Loren plays Madame Rosa, a former prostitute.
  • Ibrahima Gueye plays Momo, an orphan.
  • Renato Carpentieri
  • Diego Losif Pirvu
  • Massimiliano Rossi
  • Abril Zamora 
  • Babak Karimi

Everything you should about “The Life Ahead Us”

The film centers on the characters Madame Rosa and Momo, played by Sophia Loren and Ibrahima Gueye, respectively. In the story, Madame Rosa looks after the kids of other prostitutes and cares for Momo after he robs her. In the beginning, she only agrees to take care of Momo for only two months and not even an extra day. He makes a lot of mischief at her place and irritates her during those two months. Moving on, Rosa shares her story with Momo, which connected them. Momo and Rosa share a strong bond and become good friends. 

Momo feels emotional; he wanted Rosa forever and says that he couldn’t do this all alone anymore. After watching the trailer, I was in tears. So are you?? Probably the story does make you feel that way.

The Life Ahead Sophia Loren

Loren said that she was so impressed with the story, and the character has it all that a woman should possess. Being an actress, she always looked for stories and characters that appealed to her even after her ’40s. The actress recently celebrated her 86th birthday. She has been active since 1950 in the industry and did more than 90 films. She is ready to hit the century soon. People admired her beauty over the decades.

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Madame Rosa reminded me of my mother said, Loren. She added that her mother exactly looks like Greta Garbo- that hair, makeup, the beauty. She felt awful at that time being surrounded by people desiring her mother’s autograph. Loren‘s mother inspired her to become an actress. At a very young age, she thought that acting was the easiest she could do but turned out to be the toughest. She stated that Vittorio De Sica helped her in transforming into a legendary actress.


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