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No Man’s Sky update goes live; adds many new features to the game

The developers of No Man’s Sky has now added a new update. The latest update, titled ‘Origins’, signifies a new beginning for the 2016 survival exploration game. No Man’s Sky: Origins premiered on 23 August, and is available for playing on Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

 No Man’s Sky: Origins – New features

Over the years, Hello Games has been consistent with releasing new updates for No Man’s Sky. The recent updates contained miscellaneous additions such as horror themes, mech suits, new stories etc. By doing so, the developer has kept the game relevant and exciting. However, Sean Murray, the company’s founder, recently pointed out that the game universe has remained static. According to him, the game’s terrains and creatures have not seen any changes. So, in the Origins update, the developer wants to enhance the game experience at a fundamental level. The latest update contains a much more diverse universe to do this. In No Man’s Sky: Origins, oceans can be deeper, mountains can be significantly taller than they were.

Hello Games has also added in a dynamic weather system. Plus, meteor showers, lightning storms and tornadoes are all part of the game. The new update further contains lava and volcanoes. All these weather-related additions not only improve the game’s aesthetics and feels, but they affect the gameplay as well.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray has also promised that the brand new update brings a new life to the game’s space exploration aspect. Apart from adding tons of new features, the developer has also created several new planets. Players can visit and explore every one of them. Moreover, each world offers a unique experience to the player. Murray further explained that the title Origins hints at the birth of millions of planets in the game.

However, the most exciting part of the new update is flora and fauna. Fans who remember the original trailer of No Man’s Sky may recall seeing a sandworm in it. For the unaware, the Sandworm is a massive invertebrate that resides in the sand. The creature prominently appears in the famous novel Dune, and the Sandworm in the game is also inspired by it. However, due to some issues, the developer decided to remove the creature from the first version of the game. But now, Murray has confirmed that the Origins update adds the Sandworm in the game.

No Man’s Sky: Origins – Trailer

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