Netflix’s Fatal Affair film: Release date, plot, and cast

A horror-thriller movie just reminds you why you should be with your ex-boyfriend. A twisted story of a married woman who pays a price to have one drink with her ex-boyfriend. It literally will question you that how many times you have to lie for one lie! A horrifying nightmare for every woman who faced issues with her past relationship. Because what if you want to leave and that isn’t your choice anymore! Welcome everyone to headlines of today I will be mentioning everything that excites you about this film! 


Release Date:

The movie is set to release on 16th July 2020, the Netflix has released its official trailer on 1st July 2020! 


A black actress named “Nia Long” will be playing the lead character as “Ellie” and her husband will be played by “Stephen Bishop” as “Michael”. The ex-boyfriend of Ellie will be played by “Omar Epps” who is referred to as “David” in the movie! 

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Nia Long played in 47 meters down shark movie and in Big Momma’s House movie, Stephen Bishop has played in the “Till Death Do Us Part” thriller movie, and Omar Epps has played in many movies but haven’t played in any recent movies so this movie will surely be a deal-breaker! 


Ellie is a successful woman who has the perfect job, husband, and life. But one day a tragic evening leads to the trill of her life! David appears in her company, who was her ex-boyfriend and haven’t met for 20 years. Blast from the past! He appears when things weren’t good between Ellie and her husband named Michael. 

David asks Ellie to have one drink with him, the night gets pretty intense with Ellie almost making out with him. But Ellie realizes that she has a husband waiting for her to come home. She drops the makeout session and apologizes to David that this isn’t what she wants again.

Ellie heads home and she thinks that David is matured enough to keep it secret and behave as nothing happened. But David is a psychopath who has returned in her life to get her back voluntarily or involuntarily! He keeps texting Ellie to get back with him but she doesnt want him back so she blocks his number.

David won’t give up on Ellie so he blackmails her that he will reveal that she had a moment with him to Micheal. David keeps stalking and following Ellie everywhere! Things get so horrifying when we see David at her place in the trailer and she hits him with a glass object! Ellie is about to coordinate another cop as one has died in the car itself! Will Ellie be able to save herself from her psychopath ex-boyfriend? You definitely have to watch the movie for that! 


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