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Netflix will soon drop fans favorite reality show “The Circle U.S Season 2!!??”

“The Circle” is an American reality show that aired on Netflix; it also called “The Circle U.S” to distinguish between other countries like the U.K, Brazil and France. The reality show accustomed from the U.K series. The Circle U.S Season 1 made a kickstart on the eve of the New year 2020 and ended on 15 January with twelve epsiodes, produced by Studio Lambert. The show attracted the audience with its gameplay and became the most-watched reality show on Netflix. 

The Circle U.S Season 2 Launch

Hopefully, Netflix renewed The Circle U.S for a Season 2 on 24 March 2020. One of those popular shows which immediately got renewed and fans favourite. 

The Circle U.S Season 2 Host & Contestants

Michelle Buteau hosted The Circle U.S Season 1. We cannot disclose the names of the contestants as the participants come from the ordinary people. Anybody can participate in the show who apply and gets selected. 

The Circle U.S Gameplay

The title itself justifies the gameplay “Circle.” Contestants are kept together in the same building but different apartments they cannot communicate the other in person. But they still have the opportunity to get in touch using a specifically devised social app. They can depict themselves as per their choice to gain the maximum votes. At the end of every episode, the contestants get a chance to vote for one profile they would like to. Their survival depends on the poll their profile receives. The person with the least number of votes gets eliminated or blocked every time. The final contestant left in the building will win the show and a grand prize of $100,000. Fans also get a chance to vote for their favourite contestant who receives a cash prize of $10,000.  

Joey Sasso won The Circle U.S Season 1 alongside the runnerup Shubham Goel. Wondering who stood as the fans favourite?? It’s Sammie Cimarelli. Winning the show is one kind of happiness while winning people’s hearts is another level of joy. Congratulations to the fans favourite “Sammie Cimarelli.” The Circle U.S Season 1 had 12 fun-filling episodes and became the favourite reality show on Netflix. Season 2 will soon complete its shoot and come with the second season in early 2021. As the contestants live in different apartments, there are no chances of any risks during the pandemic. The show got highly praised for its gameplay and concept. Fans are enthusiastically waiting for The Circle U.S Season 2. 


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