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Netflix delays the launch of its top South Korean Drama “Love Alarm Season 2” due to the pandemic which had to release this August!

Will Jo-jo end up with Hye-yeong??

The teens are so fond of Korean dramas these days; they almost spend their whole day binge-watching K-Dramas. My best friend is a hardcore fan of the Korean stars; she even calls her friends by the names of their fav Korean actors. Sounds crazy, right?? That’s the obsession towards the Korean dramas! A piece of happy news for you! Netflix‘s fame South Korean drama series “Love Alarm” is renewed for a second season. 

Love Alarm Season 2 Release Date

Love Alarm Season 1 premiered on 22 August 2019 on our favourite, Netflix likely Love Alarm Season 2 scheduled to have a release on the same date the following year. Sadly, the pandemic led to its delay and pushed back to have a premiere in 2021. 

Love Alarm Season 2 Cast

  • Kim Soo-Hyun plays Kim Jo-jo.
  • Jung Ga-ram plays Lee Hye-yeong.
  • Song Kang plays Hwang Sun-oh.

The main cast is all set to reprise their roles in Love Alarm Season 2 followed by various stars like Z.Hera, Shin-Seung-ho, Go Min-si, Song Seon-mi, Yi-young Shim, Song Geon-hee, Park Sun-young, and Yeom Ji-yeong.  

Love Alarm Season 2 Plot

The South Korean drama is all about love and destructive technology—the plot centres on a beautiful girl, Jo-jo, who is confused to decide her love interests. There’s a mobile app that detects love and feelings for people who are 10 meters around, and the people using the app gets notified. 

Jo-Jo is a user of that app and discovers that both Sun-Oh, her best friend and the fashion model, Hye-yeong feel for her. Now she is in a dilemma to choose one out of them. However, she tries contacting the developer of the game to eliminate the shield that is showing feelings for Sun-oh on the app, which means we can speculate that she wanted to link up with Hye-yeong. Fans wanted Jo-jo and Sun-oh together as they feel Sun-oh is more expressive than Hye-yeong. Did Jo-jo end up choosing Hye-yeong in season 1?? Or she’s still confused to make a decision?? The love triangle drama is highly awaited! Sadly, we get to wait until 2021 for the final decision Jo-jo makes. 

“Love Alarm Season 1” is appreciated for its plot and storyline and stood among one of the top shows of Netflix that year. Season 2 will be a lot of fun until then stay tuned and stay safe!

You can watch the trailer of “Love Alarm Season 2” below-

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