Netflix delays the launch of its top South Korean Drama “Love Alarm Season 2” due to the pandemic which had to release this August!

The teens are so fond of Korean dramas these days; they almost spend their whole day binge-watching K-Dramas. My best friend is a hardcore fan of the Korean stars; she even calls her friends by the names of their fav Korean actors. Sounds crazy, right?? That’s the obsession towards the Korean dramas! A piece of happy news for you! Netflix‘s fame South Korean drama series “Love Alarm” is renewed for a second season. 

Love Alarm Season 2 Release Date

Love Alarm Season 1 premiered on 22 August 2019 on our favourite, Netflix likely Love Alarm Season 2 scheduled to have a release on the same date the following year. Sadly, the pandemic led to its delay and pushed back to have a premiere in 2021. 

Love Alarm Season 2 Cast

  • Kim Soo-Hyun plays Kim Jo-jo.
  • Jung Ga-ram plays Lee Hye-yeong.
  • Song Kang plays Hwang Sun-oh.

The main cast is all set to reprise their roles in Love Alarm Season 2 followed by various stars like Z.Hera, Shin-Seung-ho, Go Min-si, Song Seon-mi, Yi-young Shim, Song Geon-hee, Park Sun-young, and Yeom Ji-yeong.  

Love Alarm Season 2 Plot

The South Korean drama is all about love and destructive technology—the plot centres on a beautiful girl, Jo-jo, who is confused to decide her love interests. There’s a mobile app that detects love and feelings for people who are 10 meters around, and the people using the app gets notified. 

Jo-Jo is a user of that app and discovers that both Sun-Oh, her best friend and the fashion model, Hye-yeong feel for her. Now she is in a dilemma to choose one out of them. However, she tries contacting the developer of the game to eliminate the shield that is showing feelings for Sun-oh on the app, which means we can speculate that she wanted to link up with Hye-yeong. Fans wanted Jo-jo and Sun-oh together as they feel Sun-oh is more expressive than Hye-yeong. Did Jo-jo end up choosing Hye-yeong in season 1?? Or she’s still confused to make a decision?? The love triangle drama is highly awaited! Sadly, we get to wait until 2021 for the final decision Jo-jo makes. 

“Love Alarm Season 1” is appreciated for its plot and storyline and stood among one of the top shows of Netflix that year. Season 2 will be a lot of fun until then stay tuned and stay safe!

You can watch the trailer of “Love Alarm Season 2” below-

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