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Netflix cancels “Altered Carbon” after running two seasons!! Wanna know why??

Altered Carbon is a Hollywood Cyberpunk Web Television series created by Laeta Kalogridis, composed by Jeff Russo and Jordan Gagne. The series is the adaption of a 2002 novel on the same name by Richard K. Morgan. Altered Carbon launched two seasons until now; Season 1 premiered on 2 February 2018 following its second release on 27 February 2020 with a total of 18 episodes on Netflix. An anime titled “Resleeved” also dropped on 19 March 2020. 

Altered Carbon Season 3 Release

Well, after the two seasons, Will there be Altered Carbon Season 3? On 26 August Netflix confirmed that it wouldn’t renew Altered Carbon for a third season!!!!

Altered Carbon Cast

The main cast includes Joel Kinnaman and Anthony Mackie as Takashi Kovacs, the protagonist of the series in Season 1 and 2 respectively. Also Will Yun Lee as Stronghold Kovacs. Dichen Lachman as Reileen Kawahara, Chris Conner as Edgar PoeAto Essandoh as Vernon Elliot and Renne Elise Goldsberry as “Quell” reprised their roles from Season 1 and made a guest appearance in Season 2. 

Altered Carbon Plot

Altered Carbon succeeded in receiving positive critics although Netflix cancelled the series, bad news for the fans!! Which means Altered Carbon concluded with two seasons, and there will not be any further development!! On being asked regarding calling off Altered Carbon Season 3Netflix kept calm and haven’t responded. Well, various sources state that Altered Carbon is too extravagant for Netflix to continue the show in the future. To air one episode it nearly cost around $7-8 million confirmed the sources. In this pandemic, Netflix decided not to take any risk and called off the show. However, 

Netflix renewed many other shows recently but not this!! 

Let’s get into the plot! The story follows the protagonist Kavocs, who is the solitary soldier who survived from the group of elite combatants. He continues the pursuit of discovering his lost love “Quell.” Well, the story seemed unpleasant where a person gets to live forever. According to the narrative, a piece of metal in the human skull can be transmitted to the other to attain eternal life where the rich people opt for this system to live forever without growing old. Altered Carbon is quite similar to the show “Black Mirror.” The show didn’t connect the audience like the other Cyberpunk dramas. To those who expected Altered Carbon for a Season 3, hard time, guys!! We thereby conclude by confirming that there is no Altered Carbon Season 3, the show got cancelled due to the budget issues!! 


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