Netflix 2020: Catch Jacqueline Fernandez as never before in ‘Mrs.Serial Killer’

Jacqueline Fernandez will be seen in a totally different role this time. Apart from her prior glamorous and bubbly roles this time she would be seen in a somewhat dark one.

Netflix India dropped the trailer of Shirish Kunder’s crime thriller on 17th April 2020 and the series will be out on 1st May 2020 only on Netflix.

The series features Jacqueline Fernandez as Sona Mukerjee, wife of  Dr.Mritunjay Mukerjee portrayed by Manoj Bajpayee and Mohit Raina as Inspector Imran Shahid. The series would be about Jacqueline killing girls to prove her husband’s innocence. 

Recently, Jacqueline posted a video with Manoj Bajpayee, where they were talking on a video call about the premiere of the Netflix series ‘Mrs.Serial Killer’. As the video starts Jacqueline asks Manoj to choose among the couple of dresses to wear on the premiere but Manoj says that you don’t have to go anywhere for the premiere. Jacqueline mockingly threatens him to tell the release date of the series. Manoj also reveals that the premiere of ‘Mrs.Serial Killer’ will be released on the Internet and everyone can watch it being at home. 



Watch the trailer here:

The trailer opens with Jacqueline, where she is talking to herself,saying ‘ Ye kahani ab khatam hone wali hai , jaise hmne socha waise nhi’. Then we hear some girl who has been kidnapped probably by Jacqueline, saying ‘who are you talking to, you freak?’ And we hear Jacqueline scream in anger, then the girl cries for help saying ‘ help me ye psyco mujhe maarne ki kosish kr rhi hai’. Another scene breaks where we get to know that six girls are missing. And further, we see Mrityunjay was accused of the murders. Then Jacqueline, to prove his husband’s innocence kills people in the same way as the serial killer would do. Watch the series to find out how far will she go for her love.


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