MTV Roadies Revolution: Hamid Barkzi becomes the man of the match every time he performs

ROADIES, the title itself has that fire, zeal, and passion in it. Are you a diehard fan of Roadies just like me?? I am watching the show since my childhood, and none of the seasons was boring to date. Every season comes with new gameplay, twists, and adventures. Coming to this season, the Roadies Revolution is entirely different from the other seasons. Roadies Revolution is a different journey with a purpose that serves people around. 

In Roadies Revolution, contestants have to perform tasks to win immunity for their survival, earn stars for their gang leaders, and help people in their surroundings with the money they win. This time the teams aren’t formed in the very beginning as the previous seasons but are formed slowly during the journey. We cannot predict who will join who’s gang, as Roadies always comes up with the unexpected. 


Until now, each gang leader has their favorites and made them their captains, which represents as follows-

Gang Nikhil-Michael Ajay

Gang Prince Akash Verma

Gang Neha Pratibha Singh

Gang Raftaar– Jayant Yadav

Ex Roadie, Varun Sood, who has competed alongside Prince before on Roadies, represents Gang Raftaar until he’s back. Prince sacrificed one of his stars for Apoorva Gole and made her a part of the Gang Prince. Nikhil Chinapa joins Arushi Chawla in Gang Nikhil on the other side. 


The game is getting intense episode after episode, especially after the lockdown break. Right from the beginning of the show, the female contestants are not on good terms due to certain issues. Apart from their excellent performances, they’ve always intervened in some nasty fights, coming to Arushi, Apoorva, and Pratibha. The male contestants are always focused on the game and showed their vendetta through the vote outs and not with the conflicts.

Keeping aside the revenge and negativity, let’s go ahead into the positive side of the gameplay. We know the teams and alliances formed between the leaders and the roadies. Gang Nikhil named its team as “Loyalty is Royalty, ” Hamid Barkzi, Arushi Chawla,

and Michael Ajay. They lost two members Akshita Bhardwaj, and Kevin Almasifar, who were loyal to them, got voted out by the other players. Apart from team loyalty, all the other roadies are together. 


In the latest episode of MTV Roadies Revolution, two teams were asked to gang up to perform the Basket Brawl task for which Gang Nikhil and Gang Varun allied while Gang Prince and Gang Neha came together. Neha picked Hamid to complete the task despite knowing his allies and interests. Hamid had to perform against his friends to win immunity for himself, and the team also a star to their gang leaders for whom he had performed. 

roadies revolution todays Episode 2

Hard luck for Michael. He lost the task against Hamid despite being a National Basket Ballplayer. Almost the entire loyalty team is in the danger zone now. Will Hamid save his friends in the next episode?? or listens to the majority of people?? I don’t think they would win the task if Hamid weren’t there. Do you also think so??? Let me know in the comments section below. Ufff, I’ve become a fan of Hamid, watching him perform after every single task. Who will get voted out in the next vote out session?? It’s impossible to pre assume roadies’ plans and plottings. 

Who do you think will win the title of Roadies Revolution?? I guess it’s one among Hamid, Arushi, Abhimanyu, or Akash according to their tasks and alliances. Michael or Jayant could also win if luck favors them because every time, they seem to win till the end but ultimately lose. 

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