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“Money Heist Season 5” Confirmed: Will Sierra Kill Professor? Or the pregnancy of Sierra take a new turn? Release date, plot, cast, and more!

“Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao!” is drooling all over TikTok. Yes, we are talking about the popular Netflix series Money Heist which recently raised its bar in season 4!  The series starts with the biggest heist to rob in the “Royal Mint of Spain”. The series is a mix of Romance, Crime, and thriller. The professor acts as a team leader who looks like a professor from your college wearing the basic white shirt and formal tie! The team members are named as places to hide their true identity. 

Release :

Season 5 is confirmed by the fans as the end was very questioning. Season 4 released on 3rd April 2020. The next season is expected to telecast in 2021 but due to pandemic situations, the dates are not yet confirmed. 

Cast :

The new character from money heist named Palermo, Bogota, Marsella,  Estogolmo, and Raquel indeed created chaos this season. The new cast might be introduced in the next season in the place of Nairobi. Constant characters like Rio and Tokyo might continue next season. 

Plot : 

At the end of season 4, we saw that Pregnant Sierra is raising a gunpoint on Professor. She tracked him down even after being banished from the police and a warrant against her raised many questions. Raquel who was trapped in season 3 who was portrayed dead was alive and rescued by Professor and his team in season 4. The death of Nairobi was certainly a shock for fans. The hurricane of traitors in the money heist team to rule the team created chaos. 


What we can expect from season 5? Raquel might attempt to save the professor. Sierra on the other side doesn’t look like she can make amends raising a gunpoint on the professor. As the police banished her there might be a chance of her switching sides against police and act as a new member. 


Tatiana Berlin’s wife will also join the heist. There are mysterious theories that ether Tatiana can be the sister of Sierra or there is some other connection between them as they look quite similar. As Sierra was pregnant, she might have her delivery in the next season at the same time when she encountered the Professor. If the professor saves her life? Will she save him or get him arrested by the police? So are you ready for the next Heist? 


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