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Mirzapur Season 2 review: This Amazon Prime Fathers & sons drama is mistier than first season of Mirzapur

Mirzapur season two fails to receive learning from the errors of season one, though there are some alterations for sure. The Production quality has leveled up; it no longer seems like a telefilm from the nineties that used to get telecast back on Doordarshan.


While, economically speaking, the firmness of Mirzapur is the carpet weaving and brassware productions.  It is not to consider the illegal trade of country- the one other business that will surely grow in the small UP city will be that of therapists.  Certainly, the local community and the main leads of the show have had a lot on their brains since we last met them.  Some outstanding cast members had been shot off in the last season’s blood-soaked end, giving the audience and the citizens of Mirzapur reeling.  Session 2 might just come in fit for the most part.  Those assemblies will go a long way in approaching the so-called commanding daddy issues that almost everyone in the cast seems to have in excess.


We have Guddu Pandit played by Ali Fazal; Golu portrayed by Shweta Tripathi Sharma, and of course, Dimpy by Harshita Gaur who is on the run, which is a tad confusing, as Guddu has been shot in the knee.  while we see Akhandanand Tripathi (Kaleen Bhaiya) essayed by Pankaj Tripathi resting on the bedside of wounded Munna Bhaiya, who had been fired five times in the back.  In addition, a game of cat and rat happens, though it takes a long way to understand who’s the cat and who’s the rat.


The other players are also there consisting of Sharad Shukla, son of Rati Shankar who was shot by Guddu Pandit in the earlier season.  Then there are the Tyagis from Siwan, who trade in everything from seized cars to liquor; and there are the new partnerships where the CM of UP is now on the first-name foundation with Kaleen Bhaiya.  It is exhausting to keep with the regular backstabbing, the regular hustle, and obscure deals that seem to fire this desire for malice, the recurring thought of season two.  Everyone is up for something or else, and that single-minded race seems to explain everything.


Mirzapur season two is a feud between four circles of fathers and their sons.  The Pandits, the Tripathi’s, the Shuklas, and the Tyagis.  In all these clans, the father-son duo are at loggerheads.  All upper-caste men, being dominant fathers and doing everything to step out of their father’s umbra.  The daughters allege themselves.  Golu Gupta, who debuted with the rather useless masturbation scene the previous season, has an exciting journey, but it omits a lot to be desired.  Likewise, Beena (Rasika Duggal), who determines to cut her troubles and does whatever it takes to sustain after a rather traumatic end.  Several other points have been added to tick off boxes, to make sure season 2 marks and promote an illustration of a ‘reformist, liberal, powerful woman,’ but it all smells of tokenism.  Everything sounds arched and is completely clashing most of the time.


The second season of Mirzapur hence fails to acquire learning from the mistakes of the first season.  However, there are some improvements, not to be overlooked.  We even notice a remake of a popular scene from The Godfather, where someone comes to the of drugs to Don Vito Corleone, and the aging Mafia don refused for the same.  In Mirzapur, one involves Dadda Tyagi and Bharat Tyagi, and all we can recall of Marlon Brando.  We have seen all these multiple times.  Everyone delivers in one-liners.  The dialoguebaazi gets confusing, and each dialogue is deemed to contain pearls of sagacity.  However, you cannot help but rolling your eyes.



It’s disturbing, that in 2020 when the world is estimating out a new way to survive,  yet the makers are still enduring by the related archaic ways of storytelling that were appropriate twenty years ago.  Every new progress in the season could be predicted by the sixth episode.  For someone not familiar with the world of Mirzapur, they will find it hard to tell season one and season two aloof.  The corresponding trigger-happy scenes, senseless violence, and blood.


Amazon Prime has marked Mirzapur as one of its flagship shows, and presumably, it is hugely successful, but we do not have the necessary numbers to back this declaration.  We suppose that somebody who like it, they do for the dirty thrills and what they think is a description of the crime and political nexus.  Then why do we understand that class given a common nod, with just several scenes?  Besides the accent in the language used, Mirzapur is the fright and hatred that could be placed anywhere.


Mirzapur season two intending to serve everything for everyone including sex, violence, poor attempts of fun, vulgar language, and some ‘liberal principles’.  As far as the acting is concerned, Mirzapur has a powerful cast that recapitulates to rescue this time as well. Shweta Tripathi Sharma stands out as the injured woman whose perception is even in her carriage. Also, Anjum Sharma’s Sharad seems encouraging as well.


Season 2 of Mirzapur released on 23 Oct and now is streaming on Amazon Prime.



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