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Miley Cyrus shared a shot from her upcoming song Midnight Sky.

Miley Cyrus has been one of the best singers in today’s time. The fans still watch her “Hannah Montana” show on Disney Plus. In my opinion, her “Climb” song will remain the best motivational song. She is coming up with a new song named Midnight Sky. Keep reading to know everything about her new song! 

Miley’s Post: 

Miley Cyrus recently posted a video wherein we can see a glimpse of her upcoming video. In the video, Miley gestures her hand sensually from her thigh curves to end up in her black pencil heels. She is wearing a glitter gems glove, which makes it even more eye appealing. She shared a whole look wherein the outfit displayed the word “Chanel” on her costume over her female body parts. Three posts which included caption like “I was born to run. I dont belong to anyone. (and yes I can run in a f***ing heels cause I’m a BOSS).”

In the first post, she mentioned the photographer’s name, “Vijat M,” wishing him “Happy Birthday.” He is a famous photographer capturing well-known artists like Amanda Lepore, Mona Kattan, and Paris Hilton. Miley’s astonishing pictures have got the fans drolling all over the comment section. Some users wrote, “OMG kill me,” “Girl you on fire,” and more! 

About Midnight Sky promoting strategy:

Miley is promoting her new song with a Hotline number. She texted her fans, ‘Call me.’ When the person texted “Who is this?” she responded, “its Miley.” The new song’s hotline number is 1-833-SHE-ISMC. When you call the hotline, you will get a recorded voice saying that press one if above 18 and hang up the call if you are under 18. Also, press one to get a personal voice text from Miley. Bonus private message from Miley if you subscribe. 

Many users and fans subscribed to Miley’s new song. Miley posted some of her fan’s chat, which was hilarious. One of them reverted to “Its Miley,” saying that it’s the fan’s girlfriend, sharing a picture with him. Also, the other fan texted that “Miley ain’t got android Luv” guess what she had one. A few fans claimed, “Who is Miley?” and a  working person said, “Sorry, I cannot call I’m at work.”

Miley’s Relationship Status:

Miley is currently dating Cody Simson, who is a musician too. There were rumors in March that the couple was breaking up. However, Simpson came back with a social media post. Sharing a picture with Miley leaning on her with the caption “In Love with my best friend.” They started dating in September 2019, which makes their relationship almost a year old. They have similar tattoos and captured doing PDA in public; I mean COUPLE GOALS! Cody also dated Gigi Hadid in the past, and Miley dated Liam Hemsworth.

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