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#matkarforward: A TikTok initiative to stop unverified content

Jaipur. Social media is used as a weapon against fake news. Yes, you read it correctly. Actors Ayushman Khurana, Kirti Sanon, Sara Ali Khan and cricketer Virat Kohli have come together to combat the most vulnerable thing in the time of this crisis, i.e., spreading of fake news, messages, and videos. They have joined hands with TikTok to encourage people to verify the news with authentic sources and then forward it.

According to sources, the video was directed by Anurag Basu where the actors and cricketer is telling about the dangers of misinformation. After a while, they are seen requesting people not to spread fake news which in turn results in havoc. They are referring it as a pandemic greater than the current pandemic, COVID-19. If these fake forward do not stop immediately, it will result in hatred and loss of many lives.


Virat Kohli along with the video tweeted,” All of you support us with such fervor when we play for the nation. But now the nation needs you, me, all of us to play for it. Will you do your bit?”


Similarly, Ayushmann Khurrana tweeted,”All of us are responsible for it at some point or the other. All of us have helped this disease spread. But it’s time to bring the change, and the change begins with video.”


Likewise, Kirti Sanon too tweeted the video with the message, “This virus spreads by a single touch and adds stress in many people’s lives! It’s our duty to stop the spread. Be responsible, if you aren’t sure of some information, if it doesn’t come from government.” whereas Sara Ali Khan neither tweeted this video nor any message for tweeples.


We have to show that we are responsible for netizens. The only way to stop this in the crisis is “to verify the forwards before forwarding”. Not only TikTok but many other apps like Twitter, YouTube etc are also coming forward.

Now, people are taking it as a challenge and are posting their videos to create awareness. Be aware. Check the content and forward it.

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