Marvel Cinematic Universe: A Universe where Superheroes reside

A world where there is no one other than heroes, where evils cannot reside, where extraordinary happen all the time keeping your excitement level on the top is what it takes to produce the Marvel Cinematic studios. It is an American commercial and shared with the different universe that is based on superheroes. The MCS has taken inspiration from the Marvel Comics that was published in an American journal.

Marvel Cinematic Studios: Everything that needs to know

The shared universes have taken the whole idea from the American Marvel Comics, but the characters, plotting and casting have been always crossed over during shooting the movies. Recently, the directors of Marvel Studios are working for the phase four of Marvel Cinematic Studios, which will initiate with the formation of Black Widow and hopefully will e getting finished with Guardian of Galaxy Volume 3. The first level of MCU was started with Iron Man back in 2008, level two includes Iron Man 3 and ends with Ant-man. The crossing over occurred in Marvel: The Avengers. The level three includes Captain America: Civil War and was completed with Spider-Man: far from home.

Thanos: the Antagonist in Marvel Movies

As the heading suggests the word ‘antagonist’ is not as like as what generally people want to see in a villain. This character is one of the most interesting characters that people will be wanting again and again. Thanos, a powerful tyrant from Titan, wants to have all the six infinity stones that are needed to destroy half population of the world. Due to the overpopulation of the world, for one time in the past Thanos’ home, Titan has been destructed and he doesn’t want to let that happen again. That is why for balancing the world’s population that can be actually compatible with the world’s weight is what Thanos wants to do.

Infinity Gauntlet: Either a Blessing or a Curse

In the infinity war of marvel cinematic studios, it was seen that Thanos decided to collect all the six stones that, if, collected altogether can help him accomplish his goal.  He let his minions find those stones, but after even several attempts, the minions couldn’t be able to do so. This is when Thanos decides to find the stones by himself. He at first goes to Nidavellir where he instructed the Dwarves to construct an infinity gauntlet for Thanos. Once the gauntlet has been made, he exterminates all the dwarves except Eitri, who is the king of Dwarves. Thanos later smelts Eitri’s hand on metal, so that he can’t make another gauntlet for anybody. He then brandished the infinity gauntlet on his left hand and starts to secure all the stones. After collecting all of them, if anyone Thanos clicks between his two fingers, the population of the world will be diminished in a greater part.  The stones were – Soul Stone, Power Stone, Space Stone, a Reality Stone, Time Stone and Mind Stone.

Avengers: Endgame

It perhaps is the ending of the long journey of avengers story with iron man. In the three-hour timing of the endgame, Thanos was killed by an iron man who sacrificed his life to save the world.  the story revolves around a seen after five years of killing Thanos, where everyone was still mourning over the death of an iron man and Black Widow until Ant-man gave an unexpected return by time travelling to recover the infinity stone. On the other hand, Captain America lived his life as he always wanted by time travelling back to spend some of his time with his beloved girlfriend.  

Trailer: Avengers Marvel Cinematic

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