Lucifer Season 5 Release date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

Lucifer Season 5: Let’s talk about the musical British accent of “Tom Elis” who plays Lucifer in the show! No doubt the show is hit! Jokes apart Lucifer has turned out to be successful Tv shows on Netflix and has a long journey of the innumerous amount of fandom! Who wouldn’t fall for a  story of daddy issues, love, evil, mystery, and crime!  The fans are expecting to see Lucifer back on earth 

Lucifer Season 5 Release date 

The last season was released on the 8th of May 2019 and the fans are already expecting a new season anytime soon. Due to the paramedic situation, the dates are not yet confirmed but it might release this year or early 2021.

Storyline of Lucifer

Lucifer is known as god’s favorite child but because of his mischievous act he turns out to be a fallen angel and sent to Hell as their new king. Lucifer comes to L.A and builds a life for himself after abandoning hell and goes against his father. Mazequine joins along with lucifer and they run a bar named “Lux”. His journey takes a turn when he meets Chloe who is a detective.


The plot of Lucifer Season 5: “Fear no Devil”  

The plot of Lucifer Season 5

Season 4 ended with Lucifer returning to hell so that he can avoid the monsters from hell to come on earth and create chaos. Eve also returns back to hell after creating a mess on earth. Chloe confesses her feelings to Lucifer finally! But he had to return to hell. Let’s talk about the season 5 forecast! 


Mazikeen (Maze) and Eve both talked about Lilith who is Mazikeen’s mother. As Maze said about Lilith in season five to Linda that “She wasn’t really the mother of the year”, raised many forecasts about season 5! Will Lilith rule hell? As she is mentioned as a punisher by Eve and Maze or Will Lilith make life in L.A. difficult for Chloe? Other than Lilith the two cousins mentioned in season 4, Remy and Azrael might take place of Lucifer.  


Eve ending up in season four with a new perspective of love with Maze. but as Eve returned to hell, will she come back for Maze? It can also be the other way around with Eve asking Lucifer to make her the queen of hell. Linda’s baby’s life of superpowers be a problem on earth? Amenadeil life on earth sustains with Linda? And many such questions raised by fans will be solved in season 5! 


As the same suggests “Fear no Devil” and no devil means not just lucifer but Lilith. Will Lucifer give up his throne for Chloe? As it took them 4 years to finally express their feelings lets find out! Keep reading to know more! 


The Cast of Lucifer Season 5


As mentioned above Lilith is expected to enter in season 5 as a new ruler of hell. She was last seen in “The chilling adventures of Sabrina”. Eve exploring her love boundaries with the kick-ass character Mazikeen. Ella the light of Lucifer series will have a relationship with the detective Douche named Dan who is the ex-husband of Chloe. Linda’s baby takes a new turn in the show.

Also, Chloe might enter the world of hell with Lucifer besides him as the queen. But the question is how? As we saw Eve and Chloe both have an opposite influence on Lucifer. Eve wanted lucifer to show his dark side while Chloe managed to bring him back in the light. The rest of the characters will mostly return to the show.


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