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Luca: Release date, Plot, and Characters

Another animated movie Luca coming up produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. The film adds in the comedy element to the story. Enrico Casarosa is the director of the film, the senior creator of the famous movie Coco. Coco’s imagination level was about a forgotten man in the family who might die in the afterlife if nobody remembers him. It’s a good story with colorful characters and themes. The director is coming up with Luka now, keep reading to know everything about the film. 

Discalimer: The team does not yet disclose the posters of the movie.

Luca Release Date:

The movie will release on 18th June 2019, which was confirmed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The trailer is not yet released, the one updated recently is a fan-made trailer. 


Luca is a character that will appear in the movie playing a male role. Also, a friend who is mysteriously turning into the protagonist of the show. The team did not reveal the voicing cast names, but we can expect the reveal at the end of 2020. 

About the Director:

Enrico Casarosa is the director of the film Luca. He is a film director and storyboard artist, works as an employee in Pixar Animation Studios for 18 years. He studied animation at the School of Visual Arts in his twenties. He is popularly known as the “Italian storyboard artist” on Wikipedia. 


The story is about the name itself, “Luca.” He is a character in the movie experiencing one of the best summers ever on his scooter in the places of Italian Riviera. He makes a new friend whose role is suspicions. The film will twist when his newfound friend is nothing but a monster from the water’s surface. Luca is unaware of his friend’s secret. What will happen if Luca finds out the truth? Stay tuned to know more updates about the upcoming film. Also, read my other articles on the forthcoming animated movies! 


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