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Love, Guaranteed: Release Date, Cast and Plot. 

Dating apps are so tiring, to meet a guy and the worse thing happens when the person doesn’t show up as the profile. We have used websites like Bumble and Tinder, but very few find the people who there for love. The film is about a guy who has dated 986 women but hasn’t met the sparks of relationship. Now he is going to appear a case on the website owner. The main character will find love unexpectedly in the film. Keep reading to know everything about the upcoming Netflix Flim.

Release Date: Love, Guaranteed

The film is releasing on 3rd September 2020. The team launched the trailer recently on 20th of August 2020. An adult romance film will give you chills. 

Cast: Love, Guaranteed

Rachael Leigh Cook will play the main character as Susan. Besides her, the male role will be played by Damon Wayans Jr. as Nick. Heather Graham as  Tamara Taylor, the owner of “Love, Guaranteed” dating application. Other Casts include Jed Rees aka Bill Jones and Lisa Durupt aka Denise. 

Plot: Love, Guaranteed

The story starts with Nick appealing in front of Susan, that “He has dated 986 women on Love, Guaranteed dating  application.” But never found any women who match the profile of the person he thought might turn out. There were different application proofs that when he met the girl, she brought her parents, a girl who talked about cats didn’t have any cats or the one who hit a busboy. Nick made up all the list and details of the girls he went out with, however, never found even one suitable match for him. 

Susan visits “Love, Guaranteed” office to give a notice about the case. Nick and Susan confront Tamara, who became rich with the business. However, they both try to make an ironic exit but get caught up with the elevator time. As the film is a rom-com genre, we might see more scenarios like it. Susan confesses that she never dated anyone online. So her mates decide to open her account of her own to do some research. Susan meets a few dates out of which one of them’s mentioned a young image of himself, and when he turned out, he was some old grandpa. It was hilarious when the guy rejected Susan in the trailer by walking off from the door. 

Now the romance factor, as Nick and Susan work along, they get caught up in the moment by falling in love with each other. *We found love in a hopeless place, song clicking in my mind.* However, we know that Susan never dated anyone, and she somehow feels insecure with her feelings about Nick. There was a scene in the trailer wherein Susan asks “What Price would you pay to find love?”. So nick replies that “It’s not a risk to fall in love, its a risk not to.” I mean that was so cute! 

As I mentioned above, Damon Wayans Jr. played in New Girl series as Coach, who was a hilarious character who never knew how to talk to women. Well, we see the actor dwelling into romance in this film. I think it will be exhilarating to see him as a handsome and romantic character. Stay tuned for more upcoming Rom-Com films like Love, guaranteed.   

Trailer: Love, Guaranteed