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Love and Monsters starring Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf. 

The film has a good start with a guy expressing his love for a girl. But the story takes a twist when the world pandemic hits by monsters who eat humans. Will you fight with monsters to save your girlfriend? Because we have a Romeo who loses everything, and the only person he lives for is Juliet (Note: Romeo and Juliet is a metaphor). We will see Monsters VS Humans in the upcoming film. Keep reading to know more! 

Release Date: Love and Monsters

The film is releasing on 12th February 2021. It’s trailer launched on the 15th of September 2020 on Paramount Pictures’ official YouTube channel. The fans have expressed their excitement with comments like “When Dylan O’Brien is in the movie, it’s going to be good,” “I feel like Tom Cruise…LOL,” and “My Favorite teen wolf character in this movie.” 

Cast: Love and Monsters

The Teen Wolf actor Dylan O’Brien will be playing the lead role as Joel Dawson. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor Michael Rooker as Clyde Dutton. Ariana Greenblatt, aka Minnow, as a little companion of Clyde. Jessica Henwick, aka Aimee, is Joel’s girlfriend in the film. Other cast includes Donnie Baxter as Parker, Ellen Hollman as Dana, and Ellen Hollman as Dana.

Plot: Love and Monsters

The film starts with Joel and Annie hanging out in a car with a scenic midnight view like a date. Just when Joel is about to kiss Ammie, there’s a fire blast away from them. Joel runs back to his family, but a tree trunk lands on Joel’s parent’s car while escaping. When he is about to move it, a monster just stamps on the vehicle, killing Joel’s parents. That was the most horrifying and emotional scene in the film. 

A group of people who witnessed it saved Joel. Only a few people could survive, so they moved underground away from the Monster’s eye. Now Joel just has one constant person who is Ammie. He wonders if she is Alive. Joel located Ammie and found out that she is 85 miles from his distance. The groups address that it’s risky he might die but give him tips that don’t fight with the monster; instead, run and hide. 

An impossible journey starts and Joel meets a dog who survived on a bus. He walks around with them and comforts a water monster who is kind of a chameleon monster. As the monster hits his tongue out to stop Joel, Clyde Dutton cuts the Monster’s tongue with his Samurai sword. He guides him throughout the journey along with a small companion, Minnow. Clyde suggests Joel use his instincts, which he is pretty bad as we can see the monster smashes his head to the tree. Proves that Joel has a lack of instincts skills.

Joel questions, “what if he doesn’t use his instincts?” Clyde gives him a brutally honest reply that he will die. Clyde finds out that he is out to find her girlfriend, Ammie, because Clyde terms Joel as ‘a fool.’ We will see the flying jellyfish in the film as one of the monsters. Further, They make a group of people and decide to defeat all the monsters. Joel kills one of the monsters ironically in the end and says, “That was awesome. I feel like Tom Cruise,” which adds to the film’s hilarious element. 

Trailer: Love and Monsters



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