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Lilly Singh ( Superwoman) Collaborates With Prajakta Koli ( MostlySane) : Most Awaited Video By Internet is Up!

YouTuber Prajakta Koli who is known by her YouTube Chanel name, MostlySane has done a collaborative video with YouTuber Lilly Singh that is Superwoman. This union video came up on Thursday. The video shows what happens when old friends meet. Both YouTube stars are known for doing multiple characters using makeup.

On this collaboration, Prajakta Says “ Lilly Singh is such a warm and welcoming person. It was quite a collaborative video as she was putting in her ideas and was super proactive. Our internet family was waiting for this video.”

Lilly Singh and Prajakta Koli Collaboration Video Plot:

The video starts with the meeting of Manoj (Prajakta’s Father) and Manjeet (Lilly’s Father). Both of them express their joy of meeting after many years and Manoj takes Manjeet home.  Prajakta’s Mother Archana and Lilly’s mother meet at home too.  When four of them starts talking about what’s going on their lives, the topic goes on the career of their child. Both the set of parents hide the fact that their daughters are YouTubers. They just hype the facts about their daughters being pilot and scientists and getting various awards.

When an argument starts heating up, Prajakta and Lilly came together saying that they met each other outside. They also introduce their parents with the YouTube career of each other and that reveals everything. As both the set of parents feel awkward, Archana Koli, Prajakta’s Mother starts shouting that YouTube career is not the career. She hides this fact everywhere that her daughter is a YouTuber. Even Lilly’s mother agrees and the video ends. You won’t get the feel of it unless you see it. Lilly Singh and Prajakta Koli played all the characters from their family.


Prajakta could not believe this happen. When she started her channel, many people criticised her that she copies Lilly Singh and should stop doing it. Prajakta didn’t stop as she was confident and authentic. She is now one of the topmost YouTuber of India with over 3 Million subscribers. Lilly Singh has the follower base of 15 Million.

Lilly is in India for YouTube Fanfest which is going to take place in Mumbai on this Saturday.


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