“Life is incomplete without that special someone”, Salman Khan presents ‘Tere Bina’ with Jacqueline; teaser out

With a series of songs presented by Salman, he added another song to the list titled ‘Tere Bina’. Salman is not leaving any moment to not entertain his lovers. Sri Lanka origin actress Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan were spending their quarantine period together in Salman’s Panvel Farmhouse, revealing the secret behind it, the teaser of the song is out.


Prior to this, Salman featured in the song ‘Pyaar Karona’ that premiered on 20 April 2020 with an urge to the nation to stand together as India fights against COVID-19. An inspiring number spreading the forces of love and compassion for each other in these tough times.


Now Salman has come with a romantic song opposite Jacqueline Fernandez. The teaser of the song is out today (10th May), the full song will be out on 12th May.


Watch the teaser here:



The video consists of a number of romantic moments spent by Salman and Jacqueline. The video starts with Salman riding a horse, a glimpse of beautiful Jacqueline in a white dress holding a coffee mug. 


Salman informed about the release of the teaser on his Instagram handle.



In the lockdown conversations posted by him reveal that this song has been his ‘cheapest production’ of SKF and SKTV. Jacqueline stated that it was quite interesting, it was the first time when she was adjusting the lightings on set and replacing the props here and there. She said it was her first time when her team was not around and she did all her makeup, costumes and style. Salman mentioned that only three people were present shooting the song: Salman, Jacqueline and the DOP. 



Salman revealed that Jacqueline took to making paintings and in reply of that Jacqueline said that she loves the sky and is working on skies in her paintings.




In another conversation, Salman said that this is the longest time when he is not working and hopes everything to be fine again. He said he has many songs that can’t be featured in any movie so he will post them on his YouTube channel. At the end of the conversation, he reveals that he is not away from doing charity, he provided food to the nearby villagers and had helped daily wage earners. 


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