Leonardo DiCaprio : The Revenant grabs most Golden Globe Awards, including best actor

The Golden Globe Awards were dominated by the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer ‘The Revenant’. The Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film won awards for best acting and direction.  “This film was about survival. It was about adaptation. It was about the triumph of the human spirit,” said Leonardo DiCaprio.

Matt Damon starrer ‘The Martian’ went on to win the Golden Globe Awards for best picture in Comedy/Musical category but many do not consider this movie a comedy. But the irony is that Matt Damon also won the award for best actor in the comedy film genre. The film is about the survival of astronaut stuck on Mars.

The Golden Globe Awards are known to be early predictors of the Academy Awards. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s 90 members vote for the selections at Golden Globes.  The Oscar ceremony is expected to happen on February 28.

For the role of young mother in movie ‘Room’, Brie Larson won best actress’ Golden Globe in a movie drama.  Everybody’s favorite Jennifer Lawrence received Golden Globe Awards for best actress in a comedy film. She was starred in David O. Russel directed ‘Joy’ which is based a story of single mom. The character develops innovative mop and fights poverty with the success received through shopping network sale.

The award for best animated movie went for ‘Inside out’ by Pixar. It is a story of emotions fighting to control the mind of 11-year-old girl. The most surprised win was obviously by Leonardo DiCaprio starrer ‘The Revenant’ as many were expecting the movie ‘Spotlight’ to receive most Golden Globe Awards.


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