Latest TV spot clip shows that upcoming Star Wars movie is going to be about Finn

Continuous hammering of TV spot clips is giving a hard time to Star Wars’ fans. These teasers are not even revealing anything about the story of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the next movie from the legendary franchise. The latest teaser was released on Facebook with the caption, “”Every generation has a story. Here’s Finn’s.”

This information is good enough to understand that the film is going to be about Finn played by John Boyega. In the 30 second long footage, Fin said, “You don’t know a thing about me.” He further says out of urgency, “We all need to run!” He takes off his Stormtrooper helmet and continues running while the world around him is getting blown up.

As we come towards the end, Hand Solo played by Harrison Ford questions Finn, “You sure you’re up for this?” Finn’s answers, “Hell No!”

The teaser clips are just leaving fans hungry for more of the Star Wars. Star Wars’ has become so huge after decades that it can be independent genre of films. Films from this franchise will always keep coming for its loyal fans. The storyline gives space to each character and it can be further developed to include more artists and stories.

The producers are planning at least four Star Wars movies now over a span of four years. In addition to this, Star Wars: Rogue One, an anthology film will be released in 2016 as a prequel to the original 1977 film. This may give us a chance to explore more unknown territories in the plot.

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