Sun Meri Shehzadi Main Tera Shehzada”, portraying a school love story

Released on 11th March 2020 on the YouTube channel Mandeep Creations, “Sun Meri Shehzadi Main Tera Shehzada” is a hit music video bringing forth a real school love story, ganing more than 14 million views in three weeks.

The video casts young school kids portrayed by Miraz and Kusum. Co- cast Kiton and Siddik. Direction and story by Papai.Cinematography by Papai. Vocals by Krishna Singh, guitar by Amit Rawat.

Sun Meri Shehzadi Main Tera Shehzada Video song


 The video clip starts with the lover boy who is seen waiting for his girl outside the school. But the girl could not meet him. Then they met in an isolated place where they spend their quality time. Soon, a person which seems to be the girl’s relative saw them together. He takes her back to her house and tells her mother about her love story, as a result, they lock her in her room. But somehow the love birds manage to meet. And the girl decides to run away with the boy.

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