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Lady Gaga celebrates Pink Oreo Cookies: A hunt continues on Twitter

The wait is finally over. Little monster fans can now play Lady Gaga’s exclusive contest. Oreo Cookies has released their pink cookie version signed by Lady Gaga in the market. The contest will be based on an interesting Twitter hunting, inspired by Lady Gaga’s recent album Chromatica.

Lady Gaga: Celebrating the new Oreo cookies Version

The interesting contestant for getting the signed pack of Lady Gaga was started in December 2020. Various store, for example, 7-Eleven, Walmart initiated the supply of these cookies and it is a pack of six cookies. The exclusive pink Oreo packet contains written Lady Gaga on them has six cookies of orange colour and green crème in between them. But yesterday, on 28th January, the cookies became available in every market all around the world and it contains a package of full-sized twenty-four cookies. The international commercial called Mondelez along with Lady Gaga has started an exciting hunt on Twitter solving which Gaga’s top fifty fans can get a pink packet of Oreo autographed by Lady Gaga herself. The overall competition was needed to be completed within twenty-four hours of its’ starting. It is still going on, as the time is not over yet. The fans have to go the official Twitter account of Oreo to find the clues. These clues will further be hidden in different virtual spots that are needed to be found out within the deadline. The last clue has been released in 3 pm EST. Every candidate can earn one entry each for giving correct reply to a twit hunt and maximum can take six entries. Aka Mother Monster can be there too, in order to help Gaga’s fan to win the competition.

Lady Gaga: About her life and Lifestyles

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Lady Gaga. Well, her full name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta who is popularly known as Gaga. Lady Gaga is world-famous for her versatility and sense for fashion style and attractive invention in both the field of singing and acting. Thus, she is a singer, actress, a songwriter. She was very curious about acting as well as singing from a very early age. She did open mic singing night and has acted in various roles in the school. When Gaga was only of age four, she started playing the piano, when her mom addressed her as a Cultured Young Woman. She took piano tutorials, where she realized that music is something that is needed to be created by hearing music, not my reading music in sheets. This actually worked for her in a great way. Gaga made her debut in a studio album, called The Fame. In 2005, she stepped in the entertainment and singing world. She has then continuously worked in an EP whose name is The Fame Monster in the year 2009. It consists of successful singles like Bad Romance, Telephone etc. Gaga’s family had come from the lower-middle class. Thus, they needed to work hard for everything they wanted.

 Clip: Pink Oreo Cookies Contest 

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