Kylie Jenner reveals her daughter’s name as Stormi Webster

Kylie Jenner opens up with the name of her baby girl, as she named her Stormi. She shared a picture on her social media account of her holding her daughter’s finger with a caption in it.

On social media, yesterday cosmetics mogul, as well as reality star Kylie Jenner, announced and confirmed the name of her baby girl. She was in a love relationship with Travis Scott, and Webster is his real last name. She kept her pregnancy undercover and not acknowledged it publically and also not posted it on her social media account.

Then over the weekend, she announced the birth of her daughter Stormi on 1st February along with a letter to her fans. In that, she supposed ‘I am sorry for keeping this a secret. As I have been used to bring you along on all my journeys, but my pregnancy is what I chose to keep a secret’.

She reveals that why she did not want to share her pregnancy news with her fans. She said ‘I choose to keep this a secret. As I need to be prepared for my new role of a lifetime in the positive, healthy and stress-free way. I know that my baby will definitely feel every stress which I feel and so I choose to do it in this way for my life my daughter’.

Earlier over the weekend, The Keeping up with the Kardashians star declared that she and Scott had welcomed their first child with a heartwarming video. In that video, she showed all intimate details of her life over the nine months of her pregnancy journey.

She alleged that ‘ my pregnancy is the most beautiful, life-changing as well as empowering experience that I had in my entire life. I will definitely going to miss it for sure’.

The name of Kylie Jenner ‘s daughter ‘ Stormi ‘ is very rare. As per a blog, the name Stormi is given to those who have a free-hearted spirit who cares for all. It also adds that Stormi trusts only some people and has the biggest heart. One more blog came out with meaning and says that Stormi is given to those who attract money. However, everybody knows that wealth of Kylie Jenner is estimated for about more than one billion dollars.

It’s remarkable, that for a family who shares everything and managed to keep Kylie Jenner ‘s pregnancy a secret for about nine months. All people who were close to her also managed to keep her pregnancy a secret. People includes her family, her assistant, her employees as well as her Boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Her buddy Victoria along with her personal assistant was the first one who came to know about her pregnancy. Kylie Jenner managed to keep her pregnancy a secret by a social; media blackout for preceding four months of her pregnancy. She also managed to do so by having zero appearances. Even Calvin Klein photo shoot with a duvet pulled over her stomach. Isn’t it amazing?



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