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Kud Wafter Release date, Cast, Plot and storyline


Kud Wafter is a forthcoming Japanese manga anime series directed by Kentaro Suzuki by J.C. Staff studios. Kud Wafter is the adaption of a visual novel published by Key on the same name. “Kud Wafter” novel got released on 25 June 2010 for Windows. Later, a video game also launched for Playstation, which received a considerable response and became the best sellers in Japan that year. After receiving great reviews and positive critics from the novel and game, the production house determined to adapt an anime in 2017. Kentaro Suzuki will supervise the new adaption instead of the former creator Yoshiki Yamakawa. 

Kud Wafter Release Date

Various sources state that Kud Wafter will launch in September 2020 and it is official. The anime should release in September 2019, but due to some technical issues, the launch got delayed. Kud Wafter anime is a 40 mins film, and we can expect the movie to air on Netflix. 

Kud Wafter Cast

The main characters of the show are Riki Naoe and Kudryavka Noumi popularly known as “Kud.”Since it is the adaptation of a video game, we may not anticipate the voice artists. 

Kud Wafter Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Other Details - Omfut

Kud Wafter Plot

 As the supervisor got replaced, we may expect a change in the plot of the forthcoming anime. The adaption of the anime announced three years ago; the replacement might be the main reason behind the delay. The plot of the game is all about the protagonist, Riki Naoe. Kud Wafter Anime Movie: A “Little Busters!” 10th Anniversary Spin ...The story follows their summer vacation as the other members in the school go back to their hometowns. Riki decides to remain in the dorm; also, Kudryavka stays for him. As she is the only girl left in the dorm, she summons Riki to come over. We all know that there will be a theme song to the show; the theme song “Light a Way” will be sung by Suzuyu. The show had received enough funds by a campaign held in 2017 for funds.

As Riki is staying along with Kudryavaka in her dorm, they had to maintain it a secret as the school had separate dorms for girls and boys, and they are not allowed to stay together. We will see their friendship turning into a relationship very soon!!!


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