Kartik Aryan partnering his sister in a couple of hilarious videos

Kartik Aryan, the chocolate boy of Bollywood can be caught spending his corona lockdown days hilariously. He is seen posting some trending tik tok stuff on his Instagram page, that is gaining a lot of fan attention.


Recently, Kartik partnered with his sister Kritika Tiwari in a couple of videos. One of the videos contains the amusing mimicry of Hritik Roshan from the movie ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ by Kartik himself and Kritika imitates Preeti Zinta. The funniest part of the video is the big face of Kartik and his expressions. He posted the video tagging Hritik Roshan and added the caption-“Greek God Vibes #kokitoki.”



This is not the end, the brother-sister duo continued and featured another extremely funny video where Kritika puts an invisible string through Kartik’s ears and then asks him to hold it and rip it the opposite way, as Kartik pulls the string, Kritika mockingly slaps him. Kartik posted this funny video with the caption- “Subah Utho Nahao Pito So Jao #QuarantineLife #kokitoki.” 


If you think Kartik stopped here, then let me tell you he posted a couple of videos with two teen boys. In one of the videos, we see the first boy bursting the bubble gum balloon of the other, this left Kartik burst into laughter. He posted this with the caption- “Haste haste kat jayein raste” 


Another video featured the same boys, this time kartik asked them if they had watched  his movies. The hilarious reply of the boy with ‘HUNJEE’ again left him chuckling a bit.


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