Kartik Aryan interviews India’s everyday heroes in his new talk show ‘Koki Poochega’


Koki poochega is a new talk show hosted by Kartik himself on his YouTube channel. Prior to this, his video CoronaStopKaroNa, a unique video appeal to the citizens went viral. This time too, he has come with another theme, which will help spreading awareness of the pandemic in India. His ardent fans call him Koki, so he adopted this name in the talk show. It’s seems Kartik would not let any stone unturned, when it comes to spreading awareness. In this talk show series we would see him interviewing everyday heroes, who are survivors of corona, doctors, policemen and social workers who are standing brave in this situation.


 The first episode was released on 11th April, interviewing Sumiti Singh. As you question of Sumiti Singh, I must tell you that she is one of India’s first COVID-19 survivors from Gujrat.

Kartik took to Instagram to inform that Koki Poochega, a new interview series hosted by Kartik himself will be released on his YouTube channel.

Also informed of the release of first episode featuring 34 years old Sumiti Singh.

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 As the interview starts, Kartik gives a introduction of the subject of the interview. Naming himself as Koki, he said, this is the first time when Koki is asking. Prior to this, Koki has only answered the concerns but this time Koki will ask. It is video call format interview. 


This video is all about Sumiti, a travel lover who catches Corona while her way back from Finland and her fight against it. She went to Finland before COVID -19 was declared a pandemic by WHO. Kartik asks her of every small precaution that she took for stopping the transmission of the virus. He told, that the lady had a mild fever in the beginning and how she immediately isolated herself from her family without waiting for further symptoms or WhatsApp messages to confirm the infection. Further, Kartik had a long talk session with her grasping every detail of her fight. 


Taking this as inspiration and a source of knowledge, we must take preventive measures against corona.


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