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Kangana Ranaut’s Bandra Bungalow demolished by BMC: Devendra Fadnavis Reacts on the situation.

The actress was having an ugly war with Shiv Sena as she commented on Mumbai for not being a safe place. Kangana Ranaut also compared Mumbai with POK, i.e. Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Kangana’s statement created a negative impact with Shivsena Followers and especially Sanjay Raut. He is a member of the Parliament and leader of Shivsena. He commented a bad word about Kangana about her perspective on Mumbai. In the tweet, he said that “The fathers of Maharashtrian people own Mumbai if anyone refuses to agree, confront me with your father. He won’t stop until the funeral of enemies. Promise.” Kangana reacted to the tweet saying that “why I’m being judged as a woman and badmouthing about? When celebrities like Amir Khan said it, he didn’t receive such degrading  words.” 

Today: BMC demolished Kangana’s Apartment. 

The BMC, today at 11 am, demolished Kangana Ranaut’s Bandra Bungalow stating it to be illegal. She used her house for office purpose, but the reports say that it can only be used for stay and for office purpose one needs a government permit. The actress complained to the Bombay High Court for passing the StayOrder. Her request was accepted after 3 hours of breakdown of her Pali Hill Bungalow. 

The actress was furious as she just returned from Manali, Himachal Pradesh. A video went viral wherein she mentioned Udhaav Thakrey to be connected with Mumbai Mafia. Continuing further she said “Aaj Mera Ghar toota hai Kal tera ghamand tootega.” She also posted a few tweets by starting a hashtag ‘#deathofgovernment’. About the illegal property, Kangana claims that “There is no illegal construction in my house. Also, the government has banned any demolitions in Covid till 30th September, Bullywood watch now this is what Fascism looks like.”  First post news covered the news that the government has ordered to stop the demolishing till 30th September 2020. 

Famous Faces in support of Kangana Ranaut: 

  • Priti Gandhi is national in-charge of social media from BJP Mahila Morcha. She tweeted that “The revenge act hurts the common Mumbaikar.”

  • Devendra Fadnavis, the former chief minister of Maharashtra, also shared his views regarding the incident. 
  • Diya Mirza tweeted “Comparing Mumbai to POK is completely wrong but BMC demolishing Kangana Ranaut’s house while there were irregularities is totally questionable.” 
  • The Chairman of National Commission for Women, Rekha Sharma, also tweeted that how can BMC break-in into a women’s house without her presence? I’m sure they could wait for a few hours. It was illegal to demolish someone’s house two days back. 
  • The Big Boss 13 contestants, Himanshi Khurana tweeted “Nayak 2.0” while Devoleena Bhattacharjee tweeted “Gundaraaj movie aaj kisine dekhi hai kya??? What A Shame!” Means “has anyone seen a film on Hooliganism? Witnessed today.”
  • A model named Sonal Chauhan from fear files teen series said that “Breaking someone’s dream is NOT what I support.” 

Impacts of BMC’s actions: 

If a non-illegal house is demolished byBrihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), then they are liable to pay the money asked by the owner plus the repairs of the house. Suppose the plan of the house is changed after verification makes changes outside the premises without any permit or assurance of BMC. Then the house is demolished by a further announcement of notices. The rule says that the one who breaks the law receives no sympathy from the government.  


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