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Kangana Ranaut celebrates her victory, says, “It’s not the victory of the individual but it’s the victory of the democracy”

“It’s not the victory of the individual but it’s the victory of the democracy,” said Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut as her reply to the Bombay High Court’s verdict on her plea challenging the clearance of her office by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

On Friday, the HC granted the actress relief and rewind the demolition notice, adding that she may take steps to make her property habitable again and seek damages.


Celebrating her victory, she tweeted, “When an individual stands against the government and wins, it’s not the victory of the individual but it’s the victory of the democracy.” She acknowledged her fans, supporters, and even her haters and said, “Thank you, everyone, who gave me courage and thanks to those who laughed at my broken dreams.”

Kangana concluded by stating that she could be a villain only because everyone else was a villain.

According to reports, the Court ruled that there was ‘no unauthorized construction’ as alleged by the BMC on Ranaut’s property. The court’s finding was that it was only existing work that was being done as opposed to the alleged ‘illegal alterations’.

The court also appointed a valuer to ascertain damages caused due to demolition. The valuer will submit a report to the court after which it will pass an order on compensation to Kangana. The court has asked the actress to show stay within the boundaries while commenting on other people on social media and otherwise.

Kangana has been allowed to take steps to make the office habitable only to the extent which is already allowed. Any further construction should be carried out only with BMC’s permission, it said.

After the demolition on September 9, Kangana claimed that it was an act out of revenge and that it was a result of her comments against the ruling Maharashtra government, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut and the Mumbai Police.

The BMC had razed alleged ‘illegal alterations’ in her office space and listed 14 violations, which included a toilet built in the area marked for the kitchen.