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Julie and the Phantoms Season 2, Sacha Carlson will play a significant part in the upcoming season. 

The series is about Julie, who finds these three Phantoms Luke, Regie and Alex. her life takes a turn with her numbness turning into an outstanding performer in school. The Phantoms are like Doraemon who help Julie overcome her fears. The gadgets are Love, friendship, and magic. The three spirits are visible to people when they sing, which Julie represents as an act of Hologram. Keep reading to know more. 

Release Date: Julie and the Phantoms Season 2

The season two’s release is still on hold as the producers of the show haven’t made any official announcement with regards to it. However, the fans are drooling about the next season’s excitement as the end left many unanswered questions. 

Cast: Julie and the Phantoms Season 2

Charles Gillespie plays the role of Luke and Madison Reyes as Julie Molina. They had a romance drool in the first season, which caught the attention of the audience. The other two ghosts, including Luke, are Owen Joyner as Alex and Jeremy Shada as Reggie. Alex is gay and found a beau named Willie aka Booboo Stewart. Cheyenne Jackson, as Caleb Covington, is the main protagonist of the series. Sacha Carlson, as Julie’s crush, will play the role of Nick in the series. He will play a lead role in the next season. Read the Plot to know. 

Plot: Julie and the Phantoms Season 2

The first season ended with Julie saying “I love you guys” to the three Phantoms aka Luke, Alex and Reggie. That magically stops the spell of Caleb, the magician. Everything gets back to normal with Luke, Alex and Reggie staying on earth. They did cross over to heaven and will still play with Julie in the next season. Just when things were going good, Caleb traps his soul in Nick’s body who was on Julie’s doorstep with a flower bouquet.  

Now Julie welcomes Nick aka Caleb at her place. He can see the three Phantoms, and he is about to Plot a mysterious spell. Next season is going to be all about how Luke will find the truth about the spirits who are not formed by Holograms. Caleb will plot an evil plan to trap Luke, Alex and Reggie. We might not see Willie in the upcoming season as he the three Phantoms by endangering his own life. But we will are still not sure about Willie’s fate. 

We will also see if Luke will come back to life or not because of the fans like Luke’s and Julie’s duo as a couple in the film. In the end, we see that Caleb has controlling issues, and the Phantoms could only be visual if Caleb helps with his magic. Now if the three spirits can use their talents, the other ghost will also try their way out to break Caleb’s spell. Luke’s mother might find out about Julie’s band of spirits. She will also perform her single performance as Julie regained her lost confidence. Carrie’s father stole the Sunset Curve’s song in the first season so the curtains will open to reveal his true identity.  

Storyline: Julie and the Phantoms Season 1

In the first season, we learn that Julie has had stage fright since her mom’s death. Her father has decided to shift due to Julie’s numbness. There was a time when Julie used to sing around with her mother. But since her mother died, everything seems a blur and incomplete. Julie’s mother was a singer who passed her abilities to her beloved daughter. 

One day, Julie’s dad confronts her and asks her to gather her mom’s singing stuff from the garage kind of room. Julie hesitated because she has spent her entire time singing with Mom and writing new songs in the same place. However, she decides to check-in, and she notices that there’s a sunset curve’s DVD. She plays the songs, and within a few minutes, three Phantoms land out of nowhere. Julie runs for help horrified with the scenario. 

She meets these three Phantoms, aka Luke, Reggie and Alex. They help her transform from Nobody to Julie the Singer. We also see that 25 years ago the Phantoms died before singing in the theatres. They died due to a lousy hotdog which caused infection in their body. We learn that Luke left on a bad note with his parents. His mom was stopping him from pursuing his passion, but she still left. So, Luke wrote a song unsaid Emily (his mother) which was the most emotional episode of all. Julie visits Luke’s parents and shows them his written music. She makes an excuse saying that Luke used to practice music at our place (Julie’s Place). 

The three Phantoms also suffer from their newfound powers of being visible to the audience. Carrie, who tries to steal the spotlight, once played with Julie. But she forms her band. As Julie overcomes her fears, she performs in front of the crowd with the Phantoms. Julie also had a crush on Nick, who is Carrie’s boyfriend. Nick and Julie even start having a good conversation as Carrie dominates Nick in their relationship, which makes Nick have a second thought about Julie. 

Julie gets Luke’s attention; he also breaks up with Carrie. But now Julie has feelings for Luke. Flynn Julie’s best friend warns her that Luke is just a ghost you cannot be with him. However, Julie won’t give up on Luke as we see that she has dreamy thoughts about dancing with Luke. In the meantime, we learn that Sunset Curve songs were stolen by Carrie’s father, so the spirits start humorously haunting him. 

Further, Alex meets Willie (who is also a ghost), and they both fall in love with each other. Willie introduces the three spirits to Caleb, who offers them existence in return of their talents. However, the sunset curve Phantoms say that they will consider the offer because when they play their songs, the lifer could already notice them. Lifer means the people who are still alive. Willie introduces this word to Alex.

Meeting with Caleb turns out bad as he presses a stamp on the sunset curve’s hand, which is a spell used to rip out their souls from the world. The Phantoms get hit with something like a panic attack stroke, and they hint it was the food Caleb offered. However, they learn that they are under Caleb’s spell and the only way they could get out of this is to accept his offer. Willie suggests them to cross over by doing their unfinished business. They thought at first that the last thing they wanted to do is to perform in front of a live audience. However, in the end, we realise it was Julie a lifer saying “I love you guys” to save them from dying again. That also allows them to be more robust than before as they could hug Julie in the end. 

Trailer: Julie and the Phantoms Season 1


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