“Joker 2” Movie: “How do we go ahead of Crazy if we don’t go ahead of Crazy things?”

Joker’s movie has been nominated for the best movies of 2020, not just that but “Joaquin Phoenix” has received 5 awards for playing the lead role as Joker’s Character. It is a must-watch movie which was gained doubt the amount of budget from the box office. A series based on Psychological Thriller, a very disturbing act of a clown who takes revenge with people who made his career unsuccessful. 

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Release Date of Joker 2:

We are still unsure about the release date, but it is going to release in 2021 as the teaser dropped on 26th Dec 2019.

The cast of Joker 2: 

We still don’t have any updates about the cast, but the lead actor Joaquin will be returning to the show. As the teaser claims tp have more chaos, with statements like “We all are clown”. In the next part, we will see more supporting actors playing along with Joaquin aka Joker. 

The Expected Plot of Joker 2:

The story will take a twist, as Joker was released from the custody of the police. He was arrested for the murder of Murry Franklin. Murry made fun of joker in his reality show, and next Joker was asked to pay a visit to Murry’s show. Joker killed him with one shot in the show he was asked to visit. He killed him because he finds the people awful around him, he confesses the murder of 3 people in the subway who attacked him just because of his ability to laugh at serious moments.  

We might see Sophie, who acted to love him, and maybe joker will find someone he cares for. Bruce Wayne, the kid who is half Authur Flex’s aka Joker’s brother will be seen as Batman. Joker might kill Thomas Wayne who abandoned him when he was a kid. As we saw that Penny Flec was killed by Authur as he finds out the truth that she adopted him when he was abandoned by his father. 

This is a fanmade teaser, the official trailer is not out yet.

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