It is THE END of “Gravity Falls” animated series. Don’t hold onto the false news on social media!

“Gravity Falls” is an American animated comedy mystery thriller series created by Alex Hirsch and composed by Brad Breeck. “Gravity Falls” had two seasons to date Season 1 aired on 15 June 2012 on Disney Channel following its second release on 1 August 2014 (Disney Channel) and 4 August 2014 (Disney XD) with a tot al of 40 episodes which concluded on 15 February 2016. After two successful seasons, fans hope for the third season!

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Gravity Falls Season 3: When is it coming??

Fans are demanding for Gravity Falls Season 3 after two impressive seasons. Well, but to our notice, we already knew that “Gravity Falls” is not returning with season 3 and it concluded with two seasons as stated by the creator back in 2015. There’s no release date as we will not have “Gravity Falls season 3.” 

Gravity Falls Season 3 Cast

If Gravity Falls had Season 3 the following cast would appear-


  • Jason Ritter will provide his voice for Dipper.
  • Kristen Schaal voices for Mabel.
  • The creator himself Alex Hirsrich sounds for Grunkle Stan. 
  • Linda Cardellini lends her voice for Wendy Corduroy. 

The above mentioned are the main characters of the series.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Plot

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The plot followed the story of two twins- Dipper and Mabel. During their summer vacation, they go to their grandfather’s place, a point to note. You know what? That place is a fictional town, called ‘Gravity Falls.’ The twins visited Gravity Falls to spend some quality time with their grandpa; instead, they experience mysterious events in that town. It is not over yet! Later, Dippers unearths a diary in which they get to know about various facts of Gravity Falls and determine to fight against the disasters to save the town. They also discover that their grandpa has put a secret despite his greed for money. 

Gravity Falls Man Wolf The Illuminerdi

The story of the anime is exciting, which attracted the kids as well as the adults, and it won numerous accolades. Fans are so confused on the fake rumours of Gravity Falls Season 3. Though the creator confirmed that there would not be a third season, there are still speculations going on social media giving false hopes to the fans. Sadly, it’s THE END guys! Don’t believe the false news on the happenings of Gravity Falls Season 3!


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