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Invisible City: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Olá amigos. You might have guessed that we will be talking about Portuguese a lot today. Netflix is all set with a new Portuguese television series, Invisible City. As a Brazilian setting, we will get a bit of Brazilian culture. To be more specific, we will get to know the Brazilian myths. Invisible City has its direction by two directors, namely, Júlia Pacheco Jordão and Luis Carone. The series will star Marco Pigossi and Alessandra Nergini. BottleCap Production, Prodigo Films, Biopea Filmes work together as the production houses of the series. Are you guys excited? If not, then maybe you will take an interest after knowing the plot. 

Release Date: Invisible City

Carol Saldanha’s Invisible City is scheduled to air on 5 February 2021, aka the upcoming Friday. The Netflix viewers would get to watch it this weekend. Do you understand Portuguese? Or do you know Spanish? I have heard that they are quite similar. Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments section. But, there will be English subtitles and dubbing for non-Portuguese people.

Cast: Invisible City

The cast comprises some of the most accomplished Brazilian artists. The list starts with A Forca do Querer (series) and A Ultima Chance (film) actor Marco Pigossi. The next one is the actress, recognized with her debut in Olho no Olho, Alessandra Nergini. Comin to the next one, Fabio Lago from Caras & Bocas will join them.  Jose Dumont from Behind The Sun will join the party of the Invisible City cast. The others in the series will be Jessica Corres, Wesley Guimares, Manu Diggets, Julia Conrad, Áurea Maranhão, and Victor Anarpane.

Plot: Invisible City

Do you ever wonder if myths weren’t myths? What if the bed-time stories our grandparents told us were real? This fantasy drama will take you on tour to a mysterious and hidden place. The plot got inspired by Carolina Munhóz and Raphael Draccon’s best-selling novel and includes edits from the screenwriter Mirna Nogueira. It all starts when a detective named Eric gets involved in a murder case. His wife’s murder case was closed without the culprit caught. When the Environmental Police Officer takes a closer look at the dead but uncommon animal, he finds out something else. Will he discover the reason behind her wife’s death? What place does he discover? A city where mythical creature exists, but the humans can’t see them. Will Eric be successful in unraveling the secrets of the place? Just a few more days, then we will be there too.

While you know about this fantasy drama coming this weekend, CBS’s The Equalizer is on its way too. We will get to watch Queen Latifah’s savage look with a lot of action in this crime-thriller. So, this Friday is going to be a lot different than your usual weekends, have fun! The trailer is out and will lure you for sure. By the way, remember to answer the question about the languages in the comments.

Trailer: What if the legends we heard as a child were all true?

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