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India’s second-most subscribed YouTuber: Ashish Chanchalani

When we talk about the video streaming giant, YouTube, we mean the YouTubers who make it this amazing. Indian YouTubers are flooding the platform with their content. Who is your favorite Indian YouTuber? Among all these YouTubers and social media influencers, we will talk about the one and only Ashish Chanchalani. Yes, that cute guy who makes us laugh with his funny yet informative videos. The renowned YouTuber Carry Minati claims the position of mostsubscribed Indian YouTubers. At the same time, Ashish stands as the second mostsubscribed YouTuber in India. Let us follow his journey till here.

Personal Life: Ashish Chanchalani

Ashish hails from Maharashtra’s Ulhasnagar, India. He was born to parents, Anil Chanchalani and Deepa Chanchalani, on 8 December 1993. His loved ones call him Ashu. He has a sweet little sister, Muskan Chanchalani. By profession, both the siblings are YouTubers. His father is the owner of a multiplex cinema hall while his mother works as the dataanalyst there. Ashish is a civil engineer, but he pursued his dream of acting and became the inspiration for uncountables.

Career: Ashish Chanchalani

Ashish began his journey in 2014 as a Viner on Twitter’s Viner app. From then on, he resumed his abandoned interest in acting. His videos went viral all over the internet followed by the creation of his YouTube Channel, Ashish Chanchalani Vines. Whenever asked about his journey, Ashish described it

as a crazy one. He made his debut in Television with the show Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya in 2018. His passion and diligence for acting took him to such heights, yet he is modest and kind. Many celebrities like Kartik Aryan, Akshay Kumar, and Shahid Kapoor worked with Ashish, for the promotion of their upcoming movies. By the way, did I tip you that Akshay Kumar is Ashish’s role model in acting?

Accomplishments: Ashish Chanchalani

In 2018, Ashish’s YouTube Channel, Ashish Chanchalani Vines, often abbreviated as ACV, gained more than eight million subscribers. And after six years of the creation of his channel on YouTube, he now has a family of more than twentythree million subscribers. He was reputed with the Dadasaheb Palkhe International Film Festival Award as Best Influencer. Out of all his accomplishments, he cherishes meeting his idol, Akshay Kumar.

He has a unique way to advertise products, which is that he incorporates the products, in his content rather than running ads. Did I tell you about his fans? His fans call themselves theAvcians.” We wait for more of his entertaining videos eagerly. Till then, check out what’s new on Netflix. Let us unravel the mystery of the Invisible City streaming now on Netflix. Below is one of his videos, enjoy it!

Video: Ashish Chanchalani

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