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5 Best Indian Web series on Netflix (2020)

5 Best Indian Web series on Netflix (2020): Netflix has become one of the most popular online movies streaming website which has something or the other for all. Not only does it contain English movies and tv series but it has a lot to offer but Hindi, Tamil Bengali, and a lot of other languages.

Lately, Indian web series has become one of the best sources of entertainment that will keep you hooked and inspire you and motivate you as well as thank Netflix and other video streaming platforms. To help you get a better idea, we have compiled a list of top 5 Indian web series that you are just going to love.

Here is the list of Best 5 Indian Web Series on Netflix.

  1. Sacred Games

Sacred Games is one of the top-most Indian web series which has crime, drama, suspense, thrill, and action to offer. The story will keep you hooked as one after the other unexpected things keep on happening. The story is about A Mumbai police officer Sartaj Singh and a gangster Gaitonde who thinks of himself as the god. The story is all a part of a game that will take a lot of ups and downs and is worth the watch.

  1. Ghoul

If you love horror web series then this is the one for you. Radhika Apte is in the lead role in this Indian horror web series which is based on the myth of jinns. The plot revolves around the interrogation of Ali Saeed a dangerous terrorist in a secret government camp which leads to igniting a series of supernatural and horrifying events. It is one of the best horror web series so far.

  1. Little Things

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If you are looking for a sweet, innocent romcom Indian web series then this one is perfect for you. The story shows how the little things that we take for granted are the most important in life. It features Mithila Parker and Dhruv Sehgal in the lead roles. Season 1 of this series was initially streamed on Dice Media and then it was bought by Netflix and the rest of the seasons were premiered on Netflix then.

  1. Lust things

Lust things are another Netflix original which is an adult series. The series shows three different stories about relationships and their desire for love and lust. The stories all have different casts and shows the women’s initiatives to break the typical stereotypes in our Indian society. This web series was launched by Zoya Akhtar and is worth the watch.

  1. Guilty

Guilty is one of the most recent Indian web series released on Netflix which is directed by Ruchi Narain. Kiara Advani is playing the lead role in this series and has received a lot of appraisal for her acting skills in this movie. The plot follows how a young woman accuses a popular college boy, of sexual assault. The story has a lot of mystery, suspense, crime and thriller which will keep you glued till the end of each episode.

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  1.     Bard of Blood

Bard of blood is a thriller, suspense, and mystery web series which stars Emraan Hashmi in the lead role. The plot follows how four intelligent officers who belong to the IIW( Indian Intelligence Wing) are compromised before they can send a piece of essential information to India. The story is immensely jaw-dropping which is going to keep you hooked. It is worth the watch.

These are some of the 5 best Indian web series and each of these series have a different plot and something different to offer you. So these web series are going to be the best fit for your every mood.

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