Indian Dancer Astad Deboo passes away in Mumbai

The contemporary dancer of India, Astad Deboo died in Mumbai on Thursday morning. He was 73. His family had announced it’s on social media, ” He left us in the early hours of December 10, at his home in Mumbai, after a brief illness, bravely borne

It has been said, Astad Deboo created a special place in the hearts of people based on his many brilliant performances, today he has left behind a big legacy.

He was one amongst many who had his own unique style of dance. What seemed difficult was beautifully performed by Astad Deboo. He created the modern dance uniquely in Indian style.

This great artist combined Kathak and Kathakali which had created a different dance style. He had performed all over the world in this style.

The purpose of Astad Deboo was to perform Indian dance all over the world.

Astad Deboo had studied Kathakali education from Guru E. Krishna Panikar, he performed this dance form in 70 countries. He always received appreciation due to his enormous.

Apart from dance, Astad Deboo was awarded the Padma Shri and also did a lot of social work. He served the society a lot. In 2002, he helped many disabled people through the Astad Debu Dance Foundation. He also did a commendable job for deaf children.

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