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I’m thinking of ending things: Release Date, Cast, Plot and more

I’m Thinking of Ending Things: It’s a Netflix upcoming film which might be a thriller-horror series. In the first 10 seconds, you feel like its a love story, but the whole trailer feels like a psychological thriller film wherein the lead actress might be trapped. You know the feeling when something just doesn’t fit, that’s how the plot will lead us in the film. Stick with me till the end of the article to know everything about the upcoming movie.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things Release Date:

The upcoming Netflix film is releasing on 4th September. 2020. They launched the trailer on the official youtube channel on 6th August 2020.  It has already received more than 34 thousand likes with comments about the excitement. The adaption of the film is from the book with the same name by Iain Reid. Spoiler alert: dont read the plot if you dont want to ruin the movie for yourself. 


Jesse Plemons plays the character of Jake. His parents Cindy and Dean, are represented by Jessie Buckley and David Thewlis. Toni Collette, aka Suzie in the movie, is the main actress who might die in the film. An unofficial character “The Janitor” will also be introduced in the film, as per the book. But we still dont know if they are going to adapt the whole synopsis or might change the ending. 


There are many fishy things introduced in the first look of the film. First few seconds, Suzie talks about her relationship with Jake. She is happy to be with him but didn’t plan to meet his parents as their relationship was only a few weeks old. However, her minds keep wandering in a though of ending things with Jake. But, it seems like Jake’s character know what she has been thinking, as he asks her a counter-question.  How is it possible if Suzie did not utter a word. 

The movie gets fishier when Jake introduces his parents to Suzie. Jake’s dog moves his body like he is wet or something, but the dog is trying to give a sign to Suzie. When she meets Jake’s parents, his dad turns his neck like he is not human enough, like zombies. So that kind of creeps out Suzie. 

It was just a meet, but Jake insists Suzie stay at his place. During the dinner, Jake’s parens crack some very awkward joke in which one of them was, “are you a quantum Psychics student? Jake correct his parents saying “Physics”. That somehow confuses Suzie about her perspective about his parents. In one shot wherein Suzie asks “Who is in the picture?” Jake mentions that “It’s him”. However, Suzie believes that it’s her and not Jake. We also see two waitresses that appear in the trailer, out of which one of them tells Suzie “move forward”. Also, a few glimpse of cut shots, wherein we see a chained wheel of a car, Jake’s parents laughing weirdly, and more. 


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