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Hunter X Hunter Season 7: Release Date and other Updates

There are some anime series that will stay in your mind forever, they are everlasting. If you are one of those die-hard fans who never miss any anime updates, then they should definitely watch Hunter X Hunter series for sure. Sometimes, the genres cannot be stood out as an obstacle for few anime series, Hunter X Hunter has set itself for its’ new season now. Here are the latest updates to inform the anime fan about Hunter X Hunter anime.

Hunter X Hunter: Release Date and Everything that need to know

Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese Manga series, which has been penned down and described by writer Yoshihiro Togashi. The story revolves Gon Freecss, a boy whose father left him when he was very little and his searching for his father. Gon’s father was also a popular hunter. To find him, Freecss also wanted to become a hunter. Hunter basically implies to that part of the business which involves tracking down different species which are rare. The hunters also search for new places that have never been found out before. They also prey birds and other animals. Meanwhile, during the progression of the story, we experience hoe Gon made new friends in forests. Yoshihiro Togashi has collected the idea of the series by watching out the surrounded of his environment, the people and from his hobby. This manga series has thirty-six volume all total which first broadcasted as a serial in the year 1999. Later in 2011, it got rebooted taking one hundred forty-eight episodes all total.

From the previous season, season 5, we had seen that Gon Freecss is dealing with his own sickness since his fight with Neferpitou. Killua wanted to see his sibling, sister Alluka. Alluka’s power can save Gon from his illness and so she did before escaping from his royal Manson. Her prayer recovered Gon and again he became a child. As the season progressed, we got to know that Gon met hid father at president’s election for which Hunter Association begins the election. Gon met his father at the top of the world. he climbed the world to meet his father Ging. Ging told him how he wished to explore the world and beyond.

Hunter X Hunter: if there any chance to see anything new

In 2011, the anime has smooth progress, but it is difficult in case of the manga. Several pauses caused the manga series to run at a much slower rate. The material is not enough to be fit in the new season. There are thirty-two volumes that were adapted for the anime. Netero’s son Beyond and the Kingdom of Kakin are what holding the dark continent of the new season. Although the journey has dark consequences, Zodiac will not be going to trust Beyond easily. Kurapika and Leorio participate in Beyond’s team and excluded Ging and Pariston. But the excluded ones made their own group to explore the world. Apart from it, Hisoka fights with Chrollo Lucifer and the remaining spirits group.

Trailer: Hunter X Hunter

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