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YOU Season 3: Will “Joe Goldberg” be able to face his mirror “Love”? The Pyscho killer just found his soulmate! 

“YOU” a series based on a psychopath killer who will do anything who comes in the way of his love. The “Gossip Girls” actor “Penn Badgley” finally is coming up in the third season pairing along with “The Haunting of the Hill house” actress “Victoria Pedretti”. Penn Badgley raised his bar in Gossip Girl series when at the end of the season he was the actual “Gossip Girl”! And who will forget the “Bent-Neck Lady”  from “The haunting of the Hill house”! Looks like Victoria has her hands full this 2020 as she is going to be telecasted in the next season, “The haunting of the Bly Manor”. Well, coming back to “YOU” Series Joe is a book store manager, who doesn’t look like a killer but he looks socially awkward but in a charming way. The reason why till now two of his lovers dies in a row in both the seasons plus the ones who come along as a bonus! 

Release Date of  YOU Season 3

The YOU season 2 was released on December 26, 2019, Season 3 will be released on 9 April 2021. But due to the COVID situation, it might be delayed until December 2020. 

Cast of YOU Season 3

Forty from season 2, Candance’s lover might not come back in the next season. Also, since Candance was dead in season 2 she won’t make it in season 3. While Joe and Love living their life, a new neighbor of Love will join the show in 2021. 

Storyline of YOU


The story starts with Joe depressed to kill his lover and a new fling appears on his door named “Beck”. They later fall in love but the story takes a turn when Beck’s best friend Peach is in love with “Beck”. She manipulates Beck to spend more time with her and because of which Joe actually tries to kill her. Beck later finds out through Joe that Peach is in love with her. 


Beck confronts Peach and leaves when Peach tries to take her somewhere away from Joe. but as soon as she leaves Joe the crazy stalker kills Peach when she finds out that he was the one trying to kill her. Unfortunately, Beck finds out the truth in his room when she opens a hidden box with peach’s cell phone in it. He traps Beck in a glass cage-like structure from which she tries to escape but Joe kills her! I know! All for nothing! 


In the next season, he finds his next target “Love” the actual soulmate! Stick along to know why? Love has a past of killing her brother, Forty’s teacher who molests her. Also, we have a Cherry actress Candance who was dead in the first season returns to find something on Joe which will help the police believe that she was tried to kill. Love on the other side knows that Joe is a psycho killer. So she killed Delilah Elli’s elder sister. 


Joe thinks that he killed Delilah and Candance traps him in the same glass-like structure. She calls “Love” to tell her the truth but what Candance doesn’t know that Love already knows the truth! She kills Candance! The biggest twist and Joe gets all confused to see “Love” as the mirror image of her. He hesitates to see her like this and Love explains to Joe that she did all this for him.


In the end, Forty wants to know the truth and he raised a gunpoint on Joe. We heard a gunshot but Joe isn’t dating but Forty might not make it to the next season! Then things are fast-forwarded with Joe in Love’s house and Love is pregnant with his baby. A new neighbor besides Love’s house! Yes, you are right! Joe’s next target! 


What we can expect from YOU Season 3?


Forty might return in season 3 as we saw the calm between Love and his family. If Forty is alive he might be in some hospital dealing with the stress. As he was a drug addict too in season 2. Joe might stop loving “Love” and maybe she will kill him this time. Joe might run back to find his next victim or settle with “Love” for the rest of his life? Will Joe and Love ever be arrested? Will Elli return in town to know who killed her sister Delilah? Will the policeman ever give up on this case? Let’s find out in season 3! 

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