“The Batman” Movie: Is there a connection between “Batman and Joker’s Movie”?

The DC comics are back with Batman’s movie with uncovering the Black Mask, Black Cape, and those Black attire! Robert Pattinson as Batman in the upcoming movie! We will know how batman was originated, as we all saw how Joker was formed, now DC will be introducing The Batman! 

The Release Date of “The Batman”

The DC movie is set to release on 1st October 2021! The teaser is released was already released in 2019 and the show was first decided the release on June 25, 2021. 

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The Cast 

The Bat-man will be played by “Robert Pattinson”! We will also get to see the women which will be played by “Zoë Kravitz”! She was last seen in Big Little lies and now in a superhero film!

Other cast includes “Paul Dano” aka Riddler, “Jeffrey Wright” aka the Commissioner Gordon, “Colin Farrell” aka Penguin (not the animated but a DC’s supervillain), “Andy Serkis” aka Alfred Pennyworth, and other supporting casts. 

The Plot 

According to the teaser, we can say that Batman is really angry about the death of his father and will avenge him. We see a clown in the train and batman’s reaction as a human to it! We don’t know for sure if we will see Joker in this movie, but we do know that he will turn into Bat-man! 

As we saw him as a kid in Joker’s Movie it was saddening that he might lose his father. Joker 2 news also claims that Bat-man’s father will die in the next part. As the DC comics also state the same in the books! We will see how Bat-man will rescue people in Gotham City! The first villain will be the Penguin as he is mentioned in the Cast! Penguin was seen in all the Bat-man series, now we will see how he was formed! 

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The Storyline of Batman series:

Batman has been a Ferris wheel throughout the DC comics, this character has loyal fans watching and now it may increase as his rage against Batman will be justified! We have seen him and Joker-like Tom and Jerry throughout the Batman series! It will be really exciting to see how it all started! 

We have seen Batman saving the world, Bat-man fighting with Joker, Batman fighting with other Villians and now we will know why Batman is the way he is! After 71 films of Bat-man, they have finally decided to make a movie on him! The first movie had “Robert Lowery” in 1949 in “Bat-man and Robin” series, Now, 2020 we will have the handsome Twilights actor, Edward playing “Batman”! I can hear your excitement already! Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of the movie!

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