Selena Gomez Underwent Kidney Transplant: She Was Affected by Lupus

Multiple diseases like HIV/AIDS or breast cancer is pretty popular in the world of entertainment. Lots of popular stars have worked towards raising the awareness towards these diseases. There are some diseases, which are less such as Lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder, which can damage organs.

Popular singer Selena Gomez sent her fans into shock when she revealed the reason behind her disappearance from the public eye this summer. The singer said that she was getting her kidney transplant because of lupus. She informed her fans about the same with an Instagram post.


Her fans started wondering how such young person, who was just 25-year old and making multiple appearances in the spring would need such a drastic surgery. Some of the fans shared their view that may be her case was atypical.

The facts are rather opposite of what people think. Lupus is a disorder, where the immune system of the body turned against itself. Its effect on women of younger age is highest. Minority’s women are especially vulnerable to this disease.

According to Gary Gilkeson, lupus is very challenging to diagnose, as it looks like many other conditions at the early stage. Initially, people suffering from Lupus would feel fatigue, joint pain or a bit of rash on their bodies. It can take a long time for the doctor to realize when it is more serious. (Gary Gilkeson is the associate dean at the Medical Univesity of South Carolina and the chairman of the Lupus Foundation of America’s medical scientific advisory committee.)

He said to Washington post, “Many people see two or four physicians before it is picked up that’s what the problem is. It is difficult to diagnose early on, but the earlier the diagnosis the better the chance of us catching it before it gets too out of hand,”

As of now, no one has any idea of what is the main reason that causes lupus. Some scientists believe that a viral infection can trigger lupus. Some reports also suggest that exposure to radiation of substances like uranium can also cause this disorder.

Many scientists and researchers are working on to find the early identification of a person, who may get lupus. Though, kidney failure is a very serious and life threatening complication of lupus. However, numbers of successful treatments are increasing day by day. People suffering from this disorder usually find friends or family, who can donate one kidney. Some of them even participate in “Kidney Exchanges”.

selena gomez raisa1

Selena Gomez’s donor was one of her best friends. Her donor was actress Francia Raisa, who was part of “Bring It On: All or Nothing” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”. The singer posted a picture of herself with her donor Raisa lying side by said on hospital beds. She will reveal more about this in coming months.

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