Pregnant “Sophie turner” shopping with “Joe Jonas”: “Sophie flaunting her baby bump wearing a crop top.

Sophie, the GOT actress has always been talking about how the people pressured her to lose weight in the film industry because of which she faced a difficult time of depression. It looks like she is back spreading the positivity of being comfortable in your skin. 

During this pandemic situation, she was spotted wearing a mask with Joe Jonas shopping in Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

joe and sophie

Sophie was wearing a chick white crop top, grey jeggings and a checkered blazer with Black glares, and white bag. She was walking with her beau Joe Jonas, it’s cute how he walks with her everywhere to protect her from the unstable paparazzi who cross boundaries to have a picture. She is 4 months pregnant according to the reports on media. I hope the people capturing pictures give her space because firstly, it might cross some boundaries, and secondly, its COVID please stay away as the baby needs to be healthy. 

She was spotted first with a black hoodie but not she is flaunting a baby bump giving a social message to people. Sophie is not just afraid or ashamed of being healthy or having a baby bump. Most people face judgments and troll because of such things and that’s the reason they wear baggy clothes but it looks like Sophie is Unstoppable! 

sophie and joe scaled e1592579058368

She always finds a way to tell people how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin Because the definition of beauty was always wrong, it isn’t the slim body with a good face. The beauty lies in ourselves how we see it, how we feel with that bod and it doesnt matter if you are too cheeky or too skinny. It’s okay to be however you are, but the most important thing is to feel beautiful every day and remember it’s just not you with flaws everyone has their own. The thing is how you flaunt your flaws and that’s something to learn from Sophie Turner! 

There should be no attire framed for pregnant women. Make this 2020 form a rule! Let “YOUR ATTIRE” be what you like to wear. It is also true to wear something comfortable like hoodie or baggie clothes. But I feel it’s ironically impressive of Sophie to wear such attire during Pregnancy. The fans will pray for you to have a healthy and happy baby!  

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