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Netflix’s Latest Suspense Thriller “Messiah” Releases Trailer and Airs from January 1

Netflix’s upcoming series “Messiah” created by Michael Petroni is a suspense thriller. The show is all set to air on Netflix from January 1, 2020. The new era of digital consumption allows you to binge-watch your favorite show anywhere and everywhere without waiting for the plot twist to unfold in a weeklong timespan.

One can now simply explore the dark crevices of these mysteries as fast as one controls their remotes. Rumors has it that “Messiah” will prove to be one hell of an experience. See the latest trailer here first:

The show is produced by Mark Burnett, where a CIA agent played by “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” actress Michelle Monaghan, who wants to explore a unique case of a man who performs miracles and claims to be a Messiah in the middle-east.

The CIA agent follows the case of Mehdi Dehbi, who gains the world’s attention by performing several public disrupting acts. He grows his cult followers by performing miracles. The agent tries to solve the mystery as many also consider him a con artist who is a disguise to destroy the world’s geopolitical order.

Mehdi Dehbi gains popularity by saving a young girl played by Stefania LaVie Owen from the destructive tornado who later spreads the word to the world. His powers are acknowledged by numerous social groups around the world like journalists, a Taxes man, and refugees. These different groups complicate the job of the CIA agent by their narratives in support of Mehdi Dehbi.

The season one stars Dermot Mulroney and Beau Bridges, the series is directed by “V for Vendetta” James McTeigue. The show will only air on Netflix from January 1, 2020. Enjoy the trailer from above!



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