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Netflix blamed for Halt on Taiwan’s Latest Political Drama “Island Nation”

Netflix’s latest Taiwanese drama “Island Nation” which is also said to be Taiwan’s version of “House of Cards”. The telecast of the show observes a halt because of the bad performance of other shows. The political drama took four years in its initial productional stages and started its production from March 2019.  The series features Young Lea as the president of Taiwan along with other actors including Kurt Chou, Sophia Li, and Yuu Chen in the lead roles.

Sources said the show was all set to release on Netflix from November 2019. It was is to be Taiwan’s first political drama and this show is amongst Netflix’s first steps in the Taiwanese Entertainment sector. “Nowhere Man” is Netflix’s first Taiwanese show to be premiered featuring Joseph Chang and Alyssa Chia as the leads. Netflix will also air two new series this December.

According to the sources, the production of “Island Nation” is stopped due to the bad performance of Netflix’s first Taiwanese original. Not only this show but the upcoming shows will also observe a halt. The production house of  “Island Nation” also confirmed that Netflix was never part of the money lending process. In a recent Facebook post, the team of the show told that the show deals with a very sensitive political issue. This includes the selection of Taiwan’s new president, therefore, distributors like Netflix are doubtful about buying shows rights.

As a result, the show observes a delayed broadcast that was supposed to air from November 2019. The team of the show is still hopeful and was aware of the situation as it is a difficult project to work on. Also, discussing political affairs in Taiwan is considered as a taboo. “Island Nation” opens new channels of growth for the nation in the entertainment sector. For now, the world has to wait for newer and better content from Taiwan.


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