Morbius: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more

Did I just saw Joker from the suicide squad?

What if the treatment becomes a poison? The movie is just all about this! A journey of a human turning into a vampire for the sake of living a healthy life. Will humanity burst while trying to be a normal human being? Let’s find out! Also, the movie is associated with the Marvel Universe. The studio brought you spiderman characters, and now it’s time for Vampires to hit 2021!

Morbius Release Date:

The movie will release on 19th March 2021. However, the filming started in January 2020, and the trailer is available on youtube. 


Jared Leto, the craziest character playing Joker in Suicide Squad, will play the role of Michael Morbius. Adria Arjona will perform a female character besides him as Martine Bancroft. Matt Smith will play the character of Loxias Crown, who suffers from the same disease. 

Jared Harris will play the role of Morbius’s mentor in the film. Also heroic character, Al Madrigal as Alberto Rodriguez, who will hunt Morbius as he turns into a vampire. He is an FBI Agent observing the deaths caused by Morbius. Tyrese Gibson, as Simon Stroud, will join Alberto to hunt Morbius. 

A secretive character played by Michael Keaton is rumored to join the film. However, the actor hasn’t confirmed the media yet.  He played a negative role as Vulture in Spiderman movie. 


The movie starts with Morbius as a scientist who faces a rare blood disease with no cure. That makes Morbius insecure of his body, so he decides to find a cure with his fiance, aka Martine Bancroft. After numerous research, he finally gets treatment for the disease. He opts for the disease; however, the experiment goes wrong! He turns into a Vampire! 

The movie continues with his thirst for blood, which makes him vulnerable. We also see in the glimpse of the film that he turns into a vampire who is possibly eating human flesh. He might forget the memory of being a vampire and might likely kill his fiance as we see her stumbling when Morbius breaks the caged glass doors. We also see two FBI agents, Alberto Rodriguez and Simon Stroud trying to figure out how to stop Morbius. Will Morbius kill his own fiance? Will his fiance be a trap to hunt Morbius? Will humanity die in Morbius as he turns into a vampire? Let’s find out in 2021! Till then stay tuned for more updates! 


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