Marvel Movie “Loki: The God of Mischief”: What was the reason to bring Loki from “Jotunheim”?

Loki is denoted as Thor’s brother, who is not likely happy to have thor as his brother. Because Thor is always best for his father Otis. Later, in thor series, we found out that Loki was the adopted kid of Otis. Loki has been helpful as well as a barrier between wars. Thor doesn’t trust Loki because of his Mischievous behavior. But as they say, we never know a person, why he does what he does! This movie will have a clear version of the incident when we saw Baby Loki was born in Jothuheim!

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Release Date of Loki: The God of Mischief

The movie will premier in Spring 2021. The trailer is already out on Youtube it will be linked at the end of the article.

The cast of Loki: The God of Mischief

The “Tom Hiddleston” will be playing as Loki. Thor and Loki as kids will also be seen in the show. The Thor as a kid will be played by “Ted Allpress”. Two characters who played as Loki will also appear in this movie named “Troy Baker” and “Rick Gomez”.

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The plot of Loki: The God of Mischief

As you saw in the trailer, Loki’s point of view, that Thor always kept him different from himself as they grew up older. But when they were kids they used to be close and Odin’s favorites. But Loki’s mischievous behavior he was neglected and not given priority like Thor. but this was just Loki’s point of view, Odin did have a reason to bring him to Asgard. The reason he could tell Loki, what was it that Odin died in the movie but we couldn’t find the reason! If Loki receives his powers, being a Frost Giant breed, will it cause a threat to everyone? Will we see the innocent side of Loki?


The storyline of Loki’s Character

Loki and Thor are the tom and jerry of Thor Universe. Loki tries to make amends with the enemies and betrays his own brother Thor. Also, the reason why Odin was fed up and he gave up on like releasing hella from the curse. Loki also appeared in the world where hulk was the pet of entertainment. He was thrown away in that world by Hella.

But Thor defeated him in the end, killing Hella and her army. Asgard was also dusted in the sand because of the destruction caused by Hella. Marvel is coming up with a new part of Thor series named, “Thor: Love and Thunder”. We also saw in the previous flashback, that Loki was brought from Jotunheim. He is the real son of “Fárbauti” and “Laufey” who live in Jotunheim. In the first Thor movie, we saw Thor battling against the Jotunheim! Was Loki the reason why he stopped Thor to Battle against the Frost Giant

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